Google Vs. Bing

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Google Vs. Bing

Post by Arcorlaser »

Hi All,

Microsoft launch bing search engine in competition of other SEs like google and yahoo.

Interface are looking great and also working good for image search for me.

But google is still best for me.

What do you think about BING and google ?

Share your opinion here.

Thanks :)

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Post by ChiefLee »

I like Bing's image search, but still prefer Google's actual search results.

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Post by webiks »

I prefer Google, I don't use bing, I only subbmited my sites there.
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Post by stanleyj »

I use both.Like it or not ,Bing is rising.
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Post by laneshunter »

If you ask me, bing is just a fancy name with an advertising budget. nothing special about their algo etc
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Google and Bing

Post by peterko »

Based on my site statistics I 've noticed people start using new Bing search engine more intensively then before. I personally like Bing system, no matter I prefer Google for my search. It takes a time until people get use to it and give more preferences to the Bing. Anyway I'm pretty sure Google will find the way how to remain their status as #1 search engine. IMO

Have a great day
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Post by my_misyel »

Bing is just a newbie and For me, Google is still the best search engine.

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Post by thirdisa »

It's hard to compete with Google because it has been the top search engine all over the world. However, Bing's interface looks promising.
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Post by cfoo »

I likes both. Although google is more popular among internet users, Bing or Microsoft have been in the business earlier.

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Post by Millie »

Yaa Bing is good,but google all the way :) Google is now in some different Level,Bing need lot of work to reach this level :)

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Post by VladTepes »

It will be much help and another source of traffic for us if Bing is becoming a good challenge for Google, of course it will take too long and much effort for Bing before it gets near to Google's dominance. But still competition is healthy.
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Post by Bestone »

I always go for Google ,it is my first choice Bing is also a good search engine but mostly people rely on Google. :)
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Post by guruananth »

Bing is now mainly focus on US and UK. Waiting for them to update on other countries

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Post by jasonbird »

Google is betterrrrrrrrrr than Bing~~!
i guess
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Post by christmasguide »

Well Google is Always best , no one can beat or compare any search engine With google, And i am sure it'll not happen in last 10 years, yeah just some miracle Can happen this otherwise, no search engine can beat google , no matter its ask,bing,live,msn, yahoo, or lycos ...
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