Best way to Add text on Photos

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Best way to Add text on Photos

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Photex : Text on Photos
If you want to make posts for any social media such as Facebook, twitter or instagram etc Photex makes it easy to publish your art and writing skill on these platforms. It is simple app without any complexity and no expertise required to use this app.
So this photo editor is unique simple and different form all other photo editors for example mostly used is adobe Photoshop. But the main and the important thing in this photex photo editor is its easy and simple use but in other case we need some expertise if we want to edit photo on Photoshop.
The main purpose is to use the photex photo editor is to write text on any picture or image. The text may be in Urdu, Arabic or English it will easily written on it without losing the quality or any other effect of the picture. It is also possible to write on black screen or any other design. So this will also help us in promote business, share expressions, moods in different font and background styles. It also contains stickers which help to make funny posts, Eid and birthday greetings, invitations and lover letters and we also make any Islamic or poetry posts with the help of photex.
Features of the Application:
The features of the photex photo editor contains
 Arabic, Farsi, Urdu and English fonts
 Number of backgrounds
 Collection of templates
 Add multiple images from the gallery
 Different text colors
 Rotation of text
 Upload and save the photos
 Preference changeable from multi-text or objects
 Infinite color selection for Text and backgrounds
 A number of stickers and vectors
 Own Urdu keyboard and English keyboard
 Shade selection of your desired color
 Flexible text placement

How to Use Photex Photo Editor:
Background change:
Click on top right corner button
Plain and simple color gives you opportunity to select your favorite color for background
Templates have a list of readymade backgrounds like Islamic, Poetry and General
Gallery provides access to your own photos and selfies.

Stickers and Vectors
2nd button from right is designed for stickers
It have a number of stickers and vectors like Islamic, General, Poetry, Love, Flowers etc. Multiple stickers can be added
Multiple Images Addition
From Stickers and Vectors button, scroll down gallery and add as many pictures as you want
Add Text
Click on 3rd button from right
Write Urdu and English with provided keyboard
Note: In some devices keyboard layout will not be compatible AND write proper Urdu Dictionary Words.
Font Style and Colors
4th button is for text color, shade color and font format and style
Delete Fonts and Objects
First drag that object
From "FONT" button select object. A dialog will give you access to delete
Change Color and Font
1- Drag font →click "font" button → select object → make on front
2- Now change color from "font" button
For free download: ... otos&hl=en

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Re: Best way to Add text on Photos

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if you dont know how to use photoshop and other photo editing tools then you can do this work online. it is the easiest way to add text on photos.
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Re: Best way to Add text on Photos

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photo editor for text? lol. It can evven a smartphone :)

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