Which is better Google Adwords or Adsense

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Which is better Google Adwords or Adsense


Hello friends,
can anybody tell me that Which is better Google Ad words or Ad sense for placing the Ad.....

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Post by rayter »

Adsense and Adwords are two different things. Adsense is for publishers, while Adwords is for advertisers. There's no point in comparing them.

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Post by jgalty »

adwords is for making an ad for your business and you pay for it.
Adsense is the opposite of adwords. You put adds on your site and make money from users clicking on the ads.
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Post by mwya »

adword for advertisers
adsense for publishers
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Post by christmasguide »

For what ????

Do you what is adward and what is adsense???? you just create this topic with out knowing any thing about this ...

Well adsense and adward both are different things so how can we compare them with each others ???
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Post by wolfejon61 »

What do you mean by that.

Adwords is meant for advertisers who want to advertise

and adsense is meant for publishers who wants to show relevant google ads on their site/blog.
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