how to get high page rank?

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how to get high page rank?

Post by magicbasket »

Everyone answers this question wrong (which is a good, legitimate one) AND they have been doing so for a long time.

I do not know what you will sell on your website, but consider this: the moment you sell more than one product on your site, you dilute the search engine's capability to list you by 50%.

Add to this the shear number of websites listing your same product, and the number of pages you have on your site and they have. Go do this (search your product on Google and Yahoo) to get an idea of what you are looking at.

SEO is old news. Try a viral marketing program. Both MySpace and YouTube have 25 million subscribers each. Make a cool video, post a MySpace page with your video also on YouTube, and make a one page mini site tied to selling your product via PayPal. Do this for each product you sell.

Video is the new way to sell and YouTube is the way to do it.

To verify this, go to and type in "pancakes." View the "Mr. Pancakes II" video. It has over 3 million hits. In it, the main character has a t-shirt on that says "Mr. Pancakes." To make money, he should have sold the rights to IHOP or Denny's and turned his t-shirts into an ad space billboard. 3 million sets of eyeballs some company would have paid a LOT to get access to!

People think Google and Yahoo are search engine companies, but they are not; they are advertising companies that give away free search in order to get large quantities of eyeballs in front of their advertising client's messages.

I work with a company that made a spoof video of Carl's Jr.'s commercial featuring. They called us asking to post our video next to theirs on their website. They tracked over 20 million views by doing this, and their execs told us they attribute this video to obtaining an additional $25 million in FREE publicity. The video was shown on Good Morning America and NBC Nightly News, among many other major news outlets.

Everything you need to promote effectively is right before you, but most web based marketing takes a "follow the leader" posture, thus quickly burning out any new channel. But Gen X and Y'ers are opt in with video sharing and texting, so there is less chance of this.

Someone asked Clyde Barrow (of "Bonnie & Clyde) why he robbed banks, and he said "that's where the money is."

New methods of marketing will be coming up all the time. SEO will burn out to: all major advertisers have to do is insist that Google and Yahoo not bill them for bogus ad websites and click through from sub-vendor companies that hire people to click but not buy. This will crash this system and search engines won't have near the power they have now - and this is not only coming, it is coming soon. The "sponsored ads" fuel this business model and watch - like the mortgage meltdown, the whole thing is going to evaporate over night.

Mark my words on this: save this post and pull it up once it happens.

I wrote a White Paper on the RE industry as seen from the street broker's perspective and it revealed that most thought privately something was grossly wrong with the way transactions were being handled, but the official stance was the downturn was "a momentary blip" in the market. This information was so important that Jeff Davies, the Commissioner of the DRE in CA asked to see my preliminary findings. Safe to say he had good reason, overseeing the sale of the single largest retail purchases in the 4th largest economy on the planet.

Turns out my research was one of the few unbiased reports on what was really going on - without "spin," hype, PR, or a hidden agenda - at the time.

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Post by mebarclay »

Very Well Written article thank you so much for sharing with us , i think lot of newbies Can learn lot from this, in-fact i also learn some thing new from this post, thanks again for sharing
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Post by FantasyGuy »

I have to disagree with your claim that Google's power will collapse in the near future. Google dominates the web, they are an innovative company that is continually coming out with fantastic free products that 10s of thousands of users immediately sign up for because they trust Google. I agree that youtube is a good way to promote websites, but wow claiming that SEO is going to be worthless in the near future. That is just ignoring the facts that have raised up Google in the first place.
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Post by rayter »

What do you mean by "SEO is old news?" I would have to disagree. SEO keeps on evolving. New techniques are continuously created by webmasters and SEO professionals to go with the flow in SEs and changes in the net landscape.

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Post by YooHee »

i think now PR is important to find a good link partner... i think PR is only use to count the backlinks of your site...i think having more visitors and organic traffic from SE's :D
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Post by viradian »

Even with Yahoo and MSN merging, as announced today, I still think Google will be the dominant engine...I'm actually less likely to use Yahoo or Bing now...Bing is really bad.

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Post by greener »

viradian wrote:Even with Yahoo and MSN merging, as announced today, I still think Google will be the dominant engine...I'm actually less likely to use Yahoo or Bing now...Bing is really bad.
I am not a big fan of ms / bing. but if they do it right, they can eventually have an impact against google. I do not know if that is a good or bad thing though. Either way, I think that it will take quite a bit of time to have any serious impact on the G.
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Post by VladTepes »

That would be another issue and Google will surely take a action with this, just like Sergey Brin orders Bing study on Bing's launch.
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Post by johnsmit1795 »

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Post by Sofia101 »

Well... SEO and its free sources are only the way to rank higher. Try get maximum backlinks... you will get PR soon.
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Post by Gotaclick »

I cant say I agree with everything you say here.
Posting videos online that have been intelligently created with the purpose of bringing in traffic are a great way to market a website, to people looking at videos.
Search engines are a great way to market to people performing searches.
Get your site listed high in a search engine like Google, and your site can be seen by many more targeted customers, ones specifically looking for your product. Just because a video gets loads of hits, does not mean the company gets loads of sales....great brand building maybe.
As loads of sites get built and indexed every day, and because websites get updated every day, the results of the search engines are fluid, constantly changing....On-page SEO is therefore an ongoing process, to constantly try and get better rankings as your competition websites change, making your site the MOST relevant for the search term.
Off page SEO (like posting videos) is another type of marketing that should be used in conjunction with on-page SEO. Why not use both?
Search engines are the primary way people find websites and products, not by searching video websites, but why not try and use ALL the technologies available to you?
A high Page Rank definitely does help with getting good placings, but, many sites have a zero PR, and STILL get listed in the 1st position in the results, this is because they are the most relevant website for the search term.
PR is over rated, I think its far more important to target a search phrase, and try to make your page the most relevant for that phrase.
Do that properly, in conjunction with your on and off page SEO, and you will have no hassle jumping straight into position 1
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Post by atyam »

great and you have yo be friendly with social bookmark

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Post by mdamin76 »

You asked on how to get high page rank, but I think the articles that you pasted is not related to the title at all.

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Post by michelfortin »

YooHee wrote:i think now PR is important to find a good link partner... i think PR is only use to count the backlinks of your site...i think having more visitors and organic traffic from SE's :D

yeah you are right pr is just important if you want to sell your link or if you want to exchange your link with some one otherwise pr is worthless
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Post by markjones123 »

mdamin76 wrote:You asked on how to get high page rank, but I think the articles that you pasted is not related to the title at all.
I have to agree.. Your title doesn't coincide with the content..
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