Would changing the host effect SEO?

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Would changing the host effect SEO?

Post by jolis »

Hi Guys
my site is hosting in Bulgaria with IP address and also we are hosted in the UK with different IP address, now i want to buy a server and to host my site in this server,My questiion is if this changeing of the host will have any effect on my PR and my possition in the search engine.

thank you in advance

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Re: Would changing the host effect SEO?

Post by webxerossolutions »

Yes, server response time affects page loading time. So if your server is fast then you can easily rank better.
but if you are switching your host then it will not affect your SEO quickly. you can change your host and it won't affect your PR

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Re: Would changing the host effect SEO?

Post by dentutuonglai2046 »

choose the place where the server is very important, make sure it is well balanced because the long page load time will result in a lot more escape than the fast loading site

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