How long does it take for a site to show up on Bing?

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How long does it take for a site to show up on Bing?

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my site is hosted by Yahoo and is only 2 weeks old, but it has good keywords and relevancy and meta tags although there are no links to or from the site to others. How long will it take for Bing to see it?


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Very unlikely Microsoft will find your site without any links pointing at it.

Get links pointing to your site from others and you'll be indexed in no time.
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Bing usually takes some time to give rank to a website. You need to continue your link building process if you want to grab good ranking position in Bing.
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Post by rayter »

No one can really tell. Bing is still in the process of improving its algorithm. Your site can be crawled in a matter of days and weeks in Bing.

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Is your web site may not link :lol: :lol:

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Post by printingbyharvey »

Bing takes time to rank your website. Need to work hard and have some patience as it can take longer time.

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Submit it directly... Or post your links on sites that get indexed a lot.
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Post by ciidoctor »

i submitted my site 2weeks and nothing happened yet.

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Post by dirtmaster »

you need links mate. like any other seach engine i would think.

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Need links. But BING seems to be slower at moving sites up in the rankings.
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Bing can index your site by spidering. Build good backlinks to get better ranking.

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i can say about a month

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Check out this post for tips on crawling on Bing..
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Nice link ..

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Re: How long does it take for a site to show up on Bing?

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I think it depends on how you optimize your website. Try gain more traffic.
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