Broken backlinks to the site?

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Broken backlinks to the site?

Post by peterko »

Hi guys,

About 2 years ago I had link exchange with the site PR5. As of now that site is no longer exists, but when I type in Google it still shows references to the pages of that not existing site (I watch them already about a year). Another words, those links are broken and there are many of them listed.
So my question is, do I have to worry about such issues, and if yes – how I can get rid of references to broken URLs linked to my site? I want to make sure they wont harm the site.

I guess this is a question for a general discussion of how to deal with the link exchange, after incoming part of that exchange (backlink) is no longer in service and SEs still keep references to it.

Have a great day,
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Post by AfricanMango1 »

You will never be penalised for backlinks, as you cannot control people that link to you. What you should never do is linking them back. Even if you're linked from bad neighborhoods (SPAM, Gambling or Pharmacy) you won't be penalised as long as you don't link back.

Otherwise it'd be really easy to blackhat your competitors: you'd just need to build some SPAM sites and link to your competitors.

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Post by littlephoenix »

actually, google does penalize your website sometimes IF your link is found on a really bad linkfarm site, so this does happen,but do we have control over it, not really :(
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You will not be penalised

Post by harshakm »

How will you be penalised for your Backlinks tht u cannot control..

Dont Worry


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Re: Broken backlinks to the site?

Post by bobkerry »

for this you should make sure that you are avoiding backlinkings mistakes because if somehow these mistakes occur you can be penalized too.
Avoid selling text links
Avoid getting links from bad neighborhoods
Too many backlinks at too little time can also cause problems

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Re: Broken backlinks to the site?

Post by absolutecarrecycling »

You better remove the link from your website.. One thing I believe you will not be punished by the sites that you are linked to as link as you do't link them back. Because you don't have control over people and what they do. But you have control over your site. So whenever you give somebody link back make sure the site is good one.

As far as your broken backlink is concerned I think you don't have think much about it. In next pr update Google will remove the link from your backlink list.

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Re: Broken backlinks to the site?

Post by sumit.dpfoc »

Yeah I too think that you will not be penalized for such broken links but surely you can remove them from your site. It would be good for your website. Also don't be a victim of link farm as in such cases you may be penalized.

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Re: Broken backlinks to the site?

Post by VladTepes »

There's no issue there, just get another few strong backlinks..
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Re: Broken backlinks to the site?

Post by TowerSteel »

It should not do harm to your site even if those broken links exist.

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Re: Broken backlinks to the site?

Post by rickymartin213 »

ever update your holdfast partners.. stoppage if they ease linking to your situation... there are many tract vanish holdfast partners after few life.. link partners are not retributory for backlinks.. also to cater your visitors..

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Re: Broken backlinks to the site?

Post by my_misyel »

Yes, you do have to worry about those broken backlinks, since Google will still count and value them. The best thing that you can do is to manually reove those links from your pages.

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