Myths about Digital Marketing

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Myths about Digital Marketing

Post by sailiamberkar02 »

To connect with customers at international scale, marketers often use different techniques. It won't be possible without modern methodology like internet and digital marketing. A few parts of Digital Marketing are covered in myths and confusions executed by some people/experts. The following article puts light on some common digital marketing myths. They are:
1. Digital Marketing is only for Large business: Digital marketing is not only for larger business but also for small business as there are various digital tools available for them that matches "big business core activities".
2. Digital Marketing is not a crucial part of business: Some organizations think digital marketing does not impact to their business or business strategy. But thats not really true. It must be implemented with your ongoing business.
3. Digital Marketing can be successful if large number of website traffic converts: Its not really true. Yes, we can say that a large number of traffic can be helpful for conversions. But its not necessary that all the traffic turns into potential customers and generate revenue. Digital marketing is indeed about quality, not quantity.
4. Website creation is all for performing Digital Marketing: Businees owners thinks that a website is all you need to perform your digital marketing activity. But on contrary, a static website without any updations about content is of no use.
5. Any content will make my website rank: The google rankings are very much dynamic and they are content hungry. A good and relevant content is main key for SEO process. Even here, its quality that matter and not quantity.
6. "If Digital Marketing is not cruicial for my rival, then its not for me as well..!!": Many business often thinks that if their rivals are not using any digital tactics, the same is not useful for their business. This mindset pulls your business down and you loose opportunity to find the potential customers who have taken the onine route to find products/services.
7. "SEO IS DEAD...!!!": This is the most common myth and misunderstanding among many. Even if most traffic is generated from the social media, the serach engines still dominates the website traffic. And Digital Marketing plays a major role in ranking your website in these SERPs bringing to you the potential cutomers.
Digital marketing myths are into existence since many years and continue to be the same in this modern age as well.

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Re: Myths about Digital Marketing

Post by davidweb09 »

Myhts about digital marketing is that Using it website can be ranked is just one day.

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Re: Myths about Digital Marketing

Post by riyajindal »

Myth No.1: Digital Marketing is Only for Small Businesses
Myth No.2: Digital Marketing is Not a Significant Part of a Company’s Business Strategy
Myth No.3: Digital Marketing Can Only Be Successful with Very Large Website Traffic
Myth No.4: Creating a Website is enough for Digital Marketing
Myth No.5: “My Competitors are not into Digital Marketing, so Why Should I?”
Myth No.6: Any Content Will Make My Website Good
Myth No.7: My Industry is too Boring for Traditional Digital Marketing
Myth No.8: SEO is Dead

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Re: Myths about Digital Marketing

Post by Arpita »

Thankyou for sharing this useful information!

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Re: Myths about Digital Marketing

Post by vijaykl32 »

Some of the myths about the digital marketing are :-
.Cross-platform isn’t necessary
.Posting content isn’t important
.It’s all about tech
.One-to-one marketing is impossible
.There are too many social platforms to keep up with

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