Is Link Diversity that important?

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Is Link Diversity that important?

Post by LucyLuana301 »

Great quote
Not that I’m aware of, and I agree.

The whole diversity thing is based on a misunderstanding of the basic old principles of not having an identifiable pattern or footprint to manipulation.

I think it just got dumbed down over a decade, like the children’s campfire game of telephone.

Let’s face it, even the concept of relevancy is massively misunderstood and misquoted. The bigger the scale of the link network, the harder it becomes to hide.

I always describe the way Google looks at links as being like Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. It’s all about how many links from a cast-iron authority site they know can’t be bought or manipulated.

Like peeling a sticker, once you have a purchase on a corner, the whole lot comes away.

Catching spam is like peeling a sticker. Once you have a good grip on a corner the entire sticker peels away.

Ammon Johns describes Google’s approach to catching link spam as like peeling a sticker. Once you have a grip on a corner, the whole thing peels away.

To be honest, there are even times when I think the engines aren’t even worried about diversity of ownership. When Apple launches a new product or service and promote it from their existing authority domains, I’m certain that’s a plus, not a minus.
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Re: Is Link Diversity that important?

Post by crolic »

Yes. Important to have links with dofollow and nofollow attributes, from as many, as possible spheres and topics, connected to yours.
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Re: Is Link Diversity that important?

Post by lakeswolf »

Links diversity and all this sh*t work on low competition keyword, for high competition your link farm, tier 2 and 3 won't work, You literally have to do paid promotion some ethical and non-ethical
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Re: Is Link Diversity that important?

Post by sophiawils59 »

Because it Makes Backlinks Look Natural and the context was that obtaining a diversity of links, including no follow links, makes your backlink profile look natural. The idea is that naturalness will help your site escape detection from statistical analysis algorithms.

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