How Customer Sentiment Analysis Can Boost Sales and Grow Your Business

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How Customer Sentiment Analysis Can Boost Sales and Grow Your Business

Postby JasonBrown » Thu Feb 28, 2019 2:25 am

After browsing through your website, a customer initiates a chat with your support team. The agent answered their questions and clarified their concerns, so the customer should be happy and ready to buy.

Hours later, you receive the customer’s feedback survey: a rating of 3 out of 5 stars, a recommendation of 4 out of 10, and a single line of feedback, “The brand has what I need, but I’m dissatisfied with the check-out process. It takes 3-4 more clicks to purchase my items!”

When sales become the sole focus of the business, it’s easy to zone out on what your customers truly feel and say about your brand. Without knowing it, you’ve missed out on opportunities to improve the customer experience, stunting your business’ growth.

Surveys are a popular research method to gather and analyze customer feedback. They dig deep into the customer experience through two types of questions:

Close-ended questions (Rate the experience from 1-5)
Open-ended questions (How should we improve our service?)
It’s easier to draw conclusions from a set number of choices, while open-ended questions require context and genuine understanding about how the customer feels about your product and company. Companies that realize the value of customer sentiment invest in specialized software to understand these insights and take action. ... ols-value/

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