What do you think about e-commerce?

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What do you think about e-commerce?

Post by peterpage »

E-commerce or electronic commerce, involves buying and selling of different products or services over electronic systems like internet and other computer networks. There has been a dramatic increase in trade, electronically, since the widespread use of internet.
E-commerce is expanding every minute and has a bright future. Due to the rapid growth in technology e-commerce has a huge advantage over traditional commerce. Overcoming geographical limitations, e-commerce has solved many problems, and travelling cost is one of them.
Due to present day development in e-commerce, we now don’t have to make an extra effort to get up and go out for shopping, even if we are tired. We can just get everything delivered at home.
Through e-commerce we are now able to identify and explore markets that were not known before. Also in addition, this platform can give you perceptiveness on sales trends, customer visiting patterns, and real-time tracking so that we can make best decision and modification to expand business and sales.
But we can notice a few drawbacks while shopping online, for example many websites and apps have very complex patterns and disturbing design which can hamper anyone’s shopping experience, so we need a much simpler yet efficient website or application to shop from. For example, WAKI in Saudi Arabia has cut through the chaos and is able to provide customers with a very simplified portal where they can easily shop from. They have products ranging from fashion to electronic gadgets and from perfumes to toys for kids.

E-commerce indeed has a very bright future which depends largely on internet infrastructure and internet literacy.

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Re: What do you think about e-commerce?

Post by jackanderson »

Electronic commerce, commonly known as e-commerce or e-commerce, consists of the buying and selling of products or services over electronic systems such as the Internet and other computer networks. E-commerce development is highly important in today's competitive environment.
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Re: What do you think about e-commerce?

Post by jay22 »

E commerce in the present scenario has become a synonym of shopping. The online selling and buying of products and services has become really popular nowadays because of its convenience, innumerable customer delights in the form of offers, sales and discounts and accelerated services. It provides the ecstasy of on door services and saves hours. If you have articles and services to sell that are of interest to the masses, then e commerce is a concrete paragon. It will not only help increase your trade but also help you establish apart from your competitor. But it is very important that your e commerce website is mobile friendly, user friendly and easy to navigate.
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Re: What do you think about e-commerce?

Post by harshitsharma »

bajaj is a good and trusted brand and good e commence business Bajaj- https://shop.bajajelectricals.com/

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Re: What do you think about e-commerce?

Post by litonkrl »

You describe well too.
Yes e-commerce means electronic commerce can be establish or manage their activity by Internet over the world or a specific region.

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Re: What do you think about e-commerce?

Post by wdalessi »

E-commerce is the way of the future. It is the most efficient and cost effective method to shop. That is one of the reasons shopping malls are having such a hard time staying in business. http://websitepromoters.weebly.com/

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Re: What do you think about e-commerce?

Post by morphy »

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Re: What do you think about e-commerce?

Post by ajarajmohanty »

The description is very good and informative...

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