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Suggest Good Keywords

Post by stephen_martin »

Suggest good keywords for my site
Home Mortgage Refinancing Calculator

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Post by roxxy »

I havent find any site there

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Post by etech-racheal »

I haven’t found any site there. But while selecting keywords it is important to select targeted keywords. These targeted keywords help in getting high search engine ranking. Do a proper research & then only select your keywords.

Jermaine Tabor

Post by Jermaine Tabor »

Your in an extremely competitive market with giants with very deep pockets. There are targeted keywords that have less competition that the average keyword tool simply can't find due to it's engineering.

Thats why I recommended keyword elite to all of my subscribers.

In super competitive markets you need all the advantages you can get in order to get your share or else your leaving money behind.

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Post by vonragnor »

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Post by roxxy »

Nice kyword tools thanks

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Post by dynasight »

from what I can see from the promo video, Keyword Elite is a great tools. However, if you can't afford it you can try keyword Dynamo is a great keyword suggestion tool as well. It has KEI, R/S ratio, and Search Results along with top advertiser bid from overture. Best of all it FREE.


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Post by directfuture »

Thanks for the tools guys. I need to know how many times I mentioned bathrooms, bathroom suites and showers on the home page of my site Bella Bathrooms. I have been looking for a tool so I can check out the density of my main key words for our Bathrooms web site. I am going to use this tool for targeting keywords such as Salamander Shower Pumps, Bathroom Cabinets and Bathroom Furniture on the relevant pages within our site.

Thanks Again

James Chapman
Bella Bathrooms
Bathrooms, Suites and Accessory Bathroom Furniture.
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Post by haggisv »

vistadivine wrote:Also make sure to check Submit Express's Keyword Suggestion Tool. There tool is also great.

Akash Kumar
Yes i agree, your tools are excellent, very handy!

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Post by abracadabra2 »

abracadabra wrote:How many keywords would be considered spam? Ive been having difficulty with this as every site and search engine seems different on what is tolerated by the online UK based chatroom.This is my site but as of yet has only been indexed by two search engines!

Yes i agree, the tools are excellent, very handy![/quote]

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Post by princess »

there are many tools online. you can use wordtracker

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Suggest Good Keywords

Post by thusharaherath »

There is a strong keyword suggestion tool in It is free and by using that tool you will be able to select the best keywords for your site.

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Re: Suggest Good Keywords

Post by doreengonzales »

You can use Google Adwords. It is one of the most effective keyword tool that you can use to determine the right keywords for your site.

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Re: Suggest Good Keywords

Post by bachi4u »

try on search engine initially with the main keyword that is you website main theme , where u find number of related websites in that u can pix the best keywords.. once it is done go to Google keyword tool where u can compare the keywords and can pix the best keyword who has less competition but the searches should be more

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