How dynamic content can boost your website conversion rates?

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How dynamic content can boost your website conversion rates?

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Below, there are outlined several most common ways, in which dynamic content can be applied on an ecommerce website to boost conversions by building a smoother, more user-friendly and personalized UX.
Customized CTAs. Call to action buttons are crucial parts of any business website, as they form direct points of connection between customers and the retail business from the first interaction to conversion.To incorporate a customized call-to-action, it’s significant to maintain customer information across channels.
Dynamic Pop-ups. Dynamic pop-ups show dynamic content based on exit intent or time spent on page. The main goal of pop-ups is to notify customers about discounts and update or motivate them to log in and leave their reviews.
Dynamic Search Content. With the help of dynamic content, a search function is becoming a ‘navigational’ and ‘conversion’ tool that helps users to complete and narrow the scope of their searches, leading them to the products directly. Autocomplete and autocorrect features are the most common example of dynamic search content.
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