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Bing SEO

Post by kattyPerry92 »

Anybody please guide me, how to rank my website (top 3 pages atleast) on BING search engine?

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Re: Bing SEO

Post by globemovingstorage »

Here are the Bing Webmaster Guidelines.

The main aspects of optimizing for Bing: working with Bing Webmaster Tools, on-page SEO details, Bing’s link requirements, local and mobile optimization, and the value of social signals.

Hope this will help you.

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Re: Bing SEO

Post by mrbarley »

seo on bing is quite different on gg, its algorithm is not the same, but easier.

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Re: Bing SEO

Post by SteveGood »

I think most of the online marketing specialist will follow Google SEO. If you want to do the Bing SEO optimization then you can follow the Bing webmaster tool guideline.

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Re: Bing SEO

Post by kiranw »

For effective results please visit the Google Webmaster Guidelines ... s-30fba23a

Follow all the guidelines your results will get visible

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Re: Bing SEO

Post by geoff »

I want to create SEO company too. But I am not so big expert in web development. So I will need to hire specialists. I used this article ... velopment/ where I found information about outsourcing web developers.

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Re: Bing SEO

Post by sophiawils59 »

Hey @geoff, don't you think that your answer doesn't relate to the question asked in the thread.

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Re: Bing SEO

Post by ritesh3592 »

Follow the guidelines provided by bing, @globemovingstorage already share it!!

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Re: Bing SEO

Post by 00CashBack »

Bing and Google are not the same, and don't work identically.
I more work for Google, which have more user. I progress, but it's more dificult for me on Bing. I'm trying to...
I think Bing results are also used on Yahoo Search.
Maybe i your website is optimised for Google, it is less good for Bing ?

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Re: Bing SEO

Post by ajarajmohanty »

Visit to-:, a leading seo company india having 15 years of experience in the field of digital marketing to get more info regarding this. Best regards....

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Re: Bing SEO

Post by Merican »

Unlike Google who doesn't use keywords anymore, I have found that Bing is responsive to them.

I would highly recommend to fill out Meta Title, Desc, and Keywords. As well as make sure that your h1 h2 h3 and h4s are set up correctly.

Make sure that you go through every selection in the bing webmaster tools site and make sure everything is correct and adjust the ones that are not.

Check robots.txt

Check to make sure you have a sitemap and that it is submitted.

start back linking
Brian Vastola
LEAD SEO at MRB Marketing

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Re: Bing SEO

Post by viskdaniel »

It's true bing still use the meta keyword especially in the title of your site try to optimize it correctly after that your sur will be on the top 1 of bing with the keyword

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