Horizontal Directional Drilling

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Horizontal Directional Drilling

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HDD or Horizontal Directional Drilling is a trenchless boring method for installing underground cables, pipes, and conduits in a shallow curve along a prescribed bore path. It is done with the use of a surface-launched rig/machine, which minimizes the disruption of the surrounding areas like roadways.
With HDD the safety risks are also minimized as compared to open trenches and are perfectly suited to high volume traffic situations.
Trenching and excavation work is often far more costly and not practical and this is where HDD comes in, reducing the reinstatement costs of roads and driveways, thereby satisfying the demands of local Municipalities and residential, commercial and industrial estate managers.
The leading Horizontal directional drilling (HDD) contractor in Kerala and has worked on projects across India. So far we have executed over 10000+ Kilometers of laying Optical Fiber Networks by Horizontal Directional Drilling technology including all associated allied activities such as blowing and splicing in locations across India for large players like the Kerala State Electricity Board, AIRTEL, RAILTEL and Network for Spectrum Optic Fiber cable laying, BSNL. Having worked on a number of projects ranging from the smallest to the biggest of companies it is safe to say that we are a leader in the HDD industry and specialize in all utility installations ranging from telecommunications, electrical, municipal, and gas industries.
For more details visit [url]http://phoenixinfrastructures.com/[/]

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