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Google Analytics

Post by furma »


Google Analytics uses JavaScript to track visitors' activities.
Therefore, visitors who define javascript disabled are not tracked by Analytics.

Does any one have information about how many of those exist, and how does it effect the analytics' reports?

In addition, what other factors cause a deviation between Google Analytics to a server LOG analyzer program (such as ClickTracks) ?

Thanks in advance for all replaiers.


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Post by adiian »

I'm using it and it looks nice. A lot of statistics but the problem is that after I've submitted it to google analytics my site was not indexed in google anymore(exept the first page). I think it's just coincidence, but I'm still questioning myself how come that most of the pages were deindexed after using google analytics ???!

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Post by Alexandro »

you can use yor server log(from your webhosting) to know about all visitors

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