Add your sites to PR4 - PR6 Directories

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Add your sites to PR4 - PR6 Directories

Post by David26 »

Hello everyone at Submit Express :) Submit your sites to these high traffic search engine optimized directories:

PR5 -
PR4 -
PR4 -
PR4 -
PR4 -
PR3 -

Good luck!
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Post by Bethanylove »

Yes, most of these directories are not maintained, First you want to submit to directors that are free or request a link back, IF your going to pay, the site better have a PR5 or higher, if not don’t bother, Here are 2 sites that are free, Pr4 and PR3, and you will get submitted right away.

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Post by darkstar_tfd »

submitted UK Webmaster Forum and few others . Some sites already part of your directories :)


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Post by David26 »

vistadivine wrote:I have tried to submit to them but I didn't get any response for more than a month.

Akash Kumar
What was the site url? It was possible that it was rejected due to link spam.
vistadivine wrote:It is not a directory it is a forum.
Eh? :lol:

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Post by scarecrow »

Hello, :P

where I could have lists of the free directories

thank you

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Post by makeweb »

Use google search

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Post by kirby009 »

these directories don't seem to be free, where are the free ones.

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Post by snipergrunge »

Here more directories for you. - PR5 - PR5 - new - PR4 ( high traffic, only non profit websites ) - PR7 one of my favorite - PR6 - PR5 - PR6 - PR7 - PR5 hard to be approved - PR4 ( fast approval for past 3 years at least) - PR5 - PR8 ONLY for good sites they like! They also love blogs! PR4 - Portal, fast approval

You should know also that there is a lot of websites such as directory of directories where you can find lists of directories to submit. - directory rating website. Around 2000 directories. ... ories.html - old site with alexa rank 1000 ! - hundereds free directories on the same page. - free, paid, blog, forum, business etc directories with PR information. ... -list.html - perfect post in this forum. Huge list of directories. - popular website with good list of directories.

Always remember that the best thing about directories... you should look for new directories. In this case, chance to be approved is much better and in the future you will get good PR.

Good luck.

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Post by TravelandHoliday »

This paid directory also has PR5:

andy woolfe
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Post by andy woolfe »

Great lists thanks.
Costa Blanca Holiday Rentals[/url]

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Post by stickysnail »

I found a really good blog that has a list of a bunch of directories and their PR. Hope this helps. ... -pagerank/

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Post by Xamparia »

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Post by submitfit »

here is a good one and its free,

much luck


Post by markov »

Hey thanx for sharing.

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