Keyword Density

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Keyword Density

Post by divyansh »

Do any one know what exactly the keyword density?
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Post by kevinkarl »

Keyword density is the percentage of times a keyword or phrase appears on a web page compared to the total number of words on the page.

More Info :
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Post by dylan55 »

Keyword density can vary when analyzing a page for various search engines. Different search engines may use different stop words or stemming techniques, resulting in a word being counted by one engine and not counted by another. Aside from the problem of determining what constitutes a word, there is also the problem of determining which tags various search engines will support. The most basic scenario might have a search engine using only <body> text. More elaborate scenarios might have a search engine using <body> text, ALT tags, META tags, comment tags, and a handful of other tags.

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Post by 3G Info »

Keyword density is a combination of the number of times a keyword or a keyword phrase, in proportion with other words, appears on a Web page. The more times the keyword appears in relation to the total number of on page words, the greater the overall keyword density. The more times that other words appear, the lower the proportion of keywords, resulting in a lighter keyword density.
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Post by Ka-canor »

Actually density is very useful if your site want to have ranks on Yahoo search engines.

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Post by doomcashdown »

Well, there is an appropriate keyword density for every page, which should be about 2% to 5% of the total words.
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Post by financialresources101 »

Keyword Density has to do with making sure your static pages and blog posts have a good ratio of content to keywords. Keyword density of 3-7% used to be the accepted ratio. It is now 2-4%. If you optimize for a density above 4% you’ll see it makes for a stiff, awkward reading experience which is not what you want. 2% gives you good SEO plus a good reading experience.
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Post by PaylessSEO »


This is a useful information. Thanks for sharing. I was also unaware about keyword density. I have only the basic idea, that keyword can be use 3 to 4 times in 400 words based content. Thanks again for clearing my concept.
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Post by Gandofli »

Keyword density will vary slightly depending on the keywords used if you want to find out the right keyword density for your chosen words, do an analysis of the top 10 sites on page 1 of Google. There are plenty of free keyword density analysis tools that you can use.

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Post by idolfanforum »

thanks for the posts, I was looking into it myself. Questions answered
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Re: Keyword Density

Post by Jennifer21 »

Hi All,

Keyword density is the percentage of times a keyword or phrase appears on a web page by the total number of words on the page.

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