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kamal jain
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Dear Sir ,

Please solve my question ,My question is how to optimize our site .

Thanks ,

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kamal jain wrote:Dear Sir ,

Please solve my question ,My question is how to optimize our site .

Thanks ,

There are two main parts of website optimization for your site. The first is on-page optimization, and the other is off-page optimization.

On-page optimization - it deals with optimizing the factors that are present in your website. These are as follows:

- keyword research: the most important part of SEO. You must research which keyword to target in search engines have high search volume, and consider also the amount of competition that you have with your selected keyword.

- title tag: another important part of your website. Put your main keyword phrase in your title tags, and have unique title tags for each web page that your site had.

- heading tags, boldface, and italic texts: these content elements are also given weight by search engines, so consider emphasizing your important keywords in your site contents.

- anchor links: put keywords in your internal anchor links to add link weight to the pages that you link to.

- proper internal linking: make sure that all your internal links are working. This could help in easier reader navigation as well as it will enable search engine crawlers to index your pages.

- meta descriptions tag: this tag will be visible in the search engine results pages, so you better put sensible (and keyword-rich) description for your web pages to supply the readers with initial info about your site. You can also put meta keywords tag to list your important keywords for each web page.

- image alt attribute: if you would be posting important images, you better put alt attribute in order for the search engines to read your images.

- title attribute: this could help in adding to your keyword weight.

- keyword density: have an appropriate keyword density for each web page, about 2% to 4% each.

- keyword prominence: put your major keywords in the first parts of each web pages in order for the search engine crawlers to read them early.

- keyword proximity: this refers to the distance of one keyword to another, and basically, the more close the keywords are to each other, the better keyword weight it would give.

- the use of robots.txt, nofollow and noindex: this could help in excluding some pages from being indexed by search engines, as well as for duplicate links in a page to similar landing pages.

- search engine and human friendly URL: dynamic URLs may be difficult to rank, but there is a tool to write dynamic URLs to static and easy to remember URLs which can be crawled by search engines easier

- updates: post updates as often as possible in order for search engines to index your site as often as possible.

Off-page optimization - this deals mostly with getting your website more visible to visitors by means of backlink building. This includes:

- directory submissions: submitting your website to online directories in the appropriate niche or category.

- article submissions: submitting articles to article directories with links pointing to your site can add to backlinks as well as drive more readers to your site.

- social bookmarking: submitting your pages to online social bookmarking sites can also drive traffic and backlinks to your website.

- classified ads posting: this could attract viewers to visit your site

- forum posting: building your credibility in forums can help in gaining more potential visitors, just remember to provide an anchor link to your website in your forum signature

- blog posting: posting blog updates can generate backlinks and additional readers to your website

- blog commenting: posting comments on blogs that are related to your niche can also give backlinks and also help in adding to the reputation of your site, as long as you post sensible comments (with a link to your site)

- RSS submissions: this can give updates to your readers and drive more traffic, as well as instant backlinks

- press release submissions: similar to RSS feeds, this can supply more updates to your readers

- link exchanges: this can help you gain backlinks from other established sites that are also related to your site. You can do direct reciprocal links or three-way link exchanges.

These are my tips in optimizing your website. It may not be complete and I may miss out other tips, but at least I know they are the basic.
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Post by cecille20 »

doomcashdown is right! And bear in mind that SEO is a continues process even if your website already reach it goal. :)

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SEO is changing or more accurately the algorithms are changing. backlinks are the main focus now, do follow backlinks. But also make sure that the pages are keyword optimized

It does take some effort but if you go about things with some vigour, you should notice some improvement within a couple of weeks
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kamal jain wrote:Dear Sir ,

Please solve my question ,My question is how to optimize our site .

Thanks ,
Equipping first with right knowledge about SEO and many of it's aspect will lead you to right path of success, start with Google guideline and this starter guide:

http://googlewebmastercentral.blogspot. ... guide.html
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Please read this link for SEO beginners only ... timization

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Nice Post. Thanks For Sharing the Links. It's really Useful.
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thanks for the information. There's definitely a lot of SEO options, which would you say are the priority ones?
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The answer to your question is too huge. I guess cashdown already answered your question.
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use twitter, delicious make link on many sites
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Take care,

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Thanks For Sharing the Links. It's really Useful.
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I agreed with doomcashdown. In initial Stage this is good for new website...

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There are so many things for optimizing the sites. But I will suggest some important one..
Meta tag optimization (Title, keyword & description)
Directory submission
Blog creation & submission
Link exchanging etc.

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