Where can I get the newest google toolbar?

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Vicky liu
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Where can I get the newest google toolbar?

Post by Vicky liu »

Hi Guys,
Where can I get the newest google toolbar?
What's more within PR and traslate function. :)

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Post by wildnettechnologies »

From google itself

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Post by financialresources101 »

You may download the Google Translate toolbar by following the below link.


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Post by popo256 »

Download it on Google or if you like you can also download SEOBook toolbar. It is as good as Google.
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Post by madness222 »

Well I just get my google toolbar using the Firefox Addons site...
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Post by Lingua21 »

The translator tool is not bad if you want get the general meaning of a page but the translations are not to be relied upon.

It also depends on which language you are trying to transate. For example, you tend to get a better Danish to English translation than say an Italian to English translation.

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Post by royalroofing »

Can someone tell me the benefit of having a Google toolbar?
Does it have anything to do with SEO?

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Post by franky123 »

Hi friends, You can download it from Google search engine, Here you will find lots of other useful option regarding SEO purposes.

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Post by medbook »

Thanks for the links.

Anu Smith
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Post by Anu Smith »

Thanks for the links. Iwas also searching them. It is nice and helpful.

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