being 1st in google

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being 1st in google

Post by bedrosamo »

hey guys .. i have an important question ..
else then description and keywords , what can i use in meta tags to make my website show the 1st link in google ?

and else then meta tags , is there softwares that help to bring my website the 1st link in google ?

thank you

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Post by bedrosamo »

im very sorry to bother u , but can u explain what u mean by "you need to get your site properly optimized and the most important thing is to build lots of quality and related links. "?
i mean 1st how do i optimize my site? any softwares u can tell me about?

2nd what u mean by related links ? like i put in my site links to other site ? or vice versa ? like i give my banner to other sites and stuff?

thank you

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Post by TexSurance.US »

Seek out other sites that are *relative to yours and request a link exchange.

Also understand what page rank is and what your PR is currently.

This site has some great free tools:

Seek sites ( link exchange partners ) with a better PR than yours.

Understand that just because you have a site, and it look perfect in your eyes, the engines are not looking at it's aesthetic but the Code, Text, and it's your job to earn your way to the top of the quarry results page in an engine by optimizing it for special key search terms.

Seriously, it's not practical to think any one thing besides MONEY, is going to get you to the top of the engines short of allot of learning, labor, metrics and certainly some *luck.

*Remember there is a Black Hole or Sand Box for you if you get caught trying to trick the engines, submitting 10 times a day won't help you.

I would say to hire an SEO specialist, but than you learn nothing and are dependent.

So my suggestion is to consider hiring someone qualified ( not me ) to do an initial optimization and select a couple relative search terms for your site to be optimized to.

Then you can begin to learn to maintain and improve on this, it's better than starting from scratch with nothing going for you.

There are some real things you should be doing, but you have to learn to crawl first, and no one is going to divulged all their secrets for free.

You have to learn what you can here and there, try different things, and evolve your process to to the top of the engines. It's the same for everyone without a 100k dollar Internet marketing budget.

Hope this helps.

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Post by richb »

Recently i just study a book, for optimize your site, it base on two factor. Onpage optimize and Offpage optimize. Onpage is base your site meta tag, keywords, header etc. Offpage optimize is base on quality link exchange, directory submit, back link etc. And to rank high in search engine, it more base on offpage rather than onpage! So people, keep focus on offpage optimize.

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easy create a meta tag for a word that does not exsist

Post by BTDINO »

if you use a word that does not exsits it will be easy to get #1 :P

ie thisworddoesnotexist

search for thisworddoesnotexist and google will show

Your search - thisworddoesnotexist - did not match any documents.

Make sure all words are spelled correctly.
Try different keywords.
Try more general keywords

make sure to check that your world does not have any results first
of course your page must be index by google

Then you will be able to tell alll your friends you are #1 on google

this site will be 1 for search thisworddoesnotexist in a few days

you don't have to use meta tags

now if you want to get listed for a real word you are going to need links

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