Some SEO questions I'd love to have answers for

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Some SEO questions I'd love to have answers for

Post by wilburforce »

I know little about SEO but have read the forum, some great points.

My index page has a great deal of text because I believe that it is important to include the keywords associated with my site. So I have written a speal about the site a few paragraphs long maximising the keywords I think are needed to get results. (Google rating 4)
Is this a good thing to do or does Google, Yahoo etc only read the first few lines and the rest is wasted I see many site with little or no text?

I have named my alt tags after my keywords, good or bad?

My keywords kill me; I’M a UK site and have identified a few hit words that generated a lot of interest, not that anyone comes to me!!
Some sites I seen have loads of keywords and others very little.
What is the best answer here?
Currently my keywords and text, title are 96%-100% but other sites rank higher with scores of 40-50% why?

Is there a way of concentrating tightly within a specific set of keywords without alienating myself from other closely associated keywords/searches?
Is this not a good way.
I don’t want to give my site away because you will think im advertising but I would really appreciate the help here.

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Post by overdriveelectronics »

Ok, when writing text with keywords in it you do not want to overstuff your keywords because that is frowned upon. Most of the time, the spiders only look at the beginning, middle and end of your text. They do not spider the whole amount. You should put your keywords in these areas, but do not "overstuff". Its good to put your keywords in your alt tags as long as they match what the picture is. Its good to concentrate on certain keywords of specific pages. You want to have certain pages with certain keywords that are optimized.

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Re: Some SEO questions I'd love to have answers for

Post by Steel04 »

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