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Submission Services

Postby ilovelife » Thu Sep 23, 2004 10:55 am

I am interested in using Submitexpress "Submission to over 75,000 search engines, directories and links pages"However, I read some where that if you submit to FFA sites. I will get a lot of spam/junk email.
Is this true???
Also, major search enginges requires manual submissions and each submission form is different???
Has anyone tried submitexpress paid service?
And can you give me your feedback???

PS i love Submitexpress meta tags analyzer and meta tags generator tools[/img]

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Postby Edgar » Thu Sep 23, 2004 4:40 pm

I will get a lot of spam/junk email.
Is this true???

Yes, it's true that you will receive a lot of junk mail. I would recommend that you use an alternate email address such as a hotmail or yahoo account.

Has anyone tried submitexpress paid service?

I have never tried the paid service but from what I have heard it's well worth it.


Postby getta » Fri Oct 01, 2004 12:33 pm

I am going to try it to promote my store. the only problem now is the cost.
if anybody is interested to be my partner in the store and the promotion,
please let me know.

The budget for any of us is $390, and there is a promise to a very nice return. (about 5000-7000 to any of us)




Postby Guest » Fri Oct 01, 2004 1:03 pm

MEANWHILE I order the one time submii to 75,000
I need a partner for the expensive promotion including google/yhaoo.
Dear getta store,

Thanks for your order (Site: ... Name=getta ). One of our analysts will get back to you after a review of your site within 48 business hours.

Submit Express



Postby getta » Fri Oct 01, 2004 10:02 pm

But WHY DO YOU NEED IT when, according to the latest MLM HYPE, ANYBODY can join almost ANY MLM company and earn an absolute fortune for doing nothing?
IF THIS LIE WERE TRUE couldn't you just enroll your kids in any MLM HYPE MILL, then just let them skip school and earn big for the rest of their lives? For doing NOTHING?
Isn't that what they are all saying? "Earn money for knowing nothing and doing nothing". Isn't that why people answer those ads!

HELLO! Someone! PLEASE, it's time to STOP the MLM insanity! It's time for the truth.

The truth begins with know-how. KNOWLEDGE is POTENTIAL POWER. What you DO with what you know determines how powerful you will be. The right education is priceless. This course is designed so that YOU can become financially powerful through education. Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life!

Break the cycle of failure by recognizing the things that cause failure. This course will not only clearly show you WHY MLM has failed miserably to deliver on its promises. It will also introduce you to a totally NEW way called Exact Method Marketing (EMM)!

You CAN succeed by using the special skills this thread will teach you. EMM DELIVERS ON THE PROMISES THAT MLM HAS BROKEN FOR THE PAST FIFTY YEARS!


Postby getta » Fri Oct 01, 2004 10:03 pm

"AUTOMATIC EXPLOSIVE GROWTH!" is one of the most disturbing lies in all of MLM. Why? Because of its effect on the person believing it.

A hardworking, honest soul answers an email or responds to an ad in a paper after an exhausting day of work, hoping, praying that there is something better. The ad says "do nothing and earn thousands FAST!"

Wanting to BELIEVE, she takes the bait and turns over her hard earned money. She knows that she does not have the time or the skills to build an MLM downline. She's hoping that someone has figured out how to make MLM work without her. Unfortunately for her it is a LIE!!!




Postby getta » Fri Oct 01, 2004 10:05 pm


DUPLICATION - The kind of duplication shown in MLM examples (4 who sponsor 4, etc.) SHOULD make you RICH! QUICKLY! It wouldn't matter which company or compensation plan. IF people could duplicate! But duplication doesn't happen in MLM.

LOGIC - The phrase "MLM DUPLICATION" is an OXYMORON. Like "military intelligence" or "legal brief". It's that bad. Compare other industries. Example: Fed-Ex. They've created a system of duplication that works. If you need a package delivered overnight, you'd likely choose Fed-Ex. Why? You trust their duplication.

COMMON SENSE - If MLM hasn't worked for 95% of its participants for more than 50 years, what would magically make it work for you? The only widespread duplication in MLM is the duplication of FAILURE! The true road to duplicatable riches is revealed in this course.

KEEP READING! Welcome back to EMM!

Let's play the Airplane Game.

Here's how it works. Billy Hypeman is having a meeting at his house tonight. All you have to do is show up and give Billy $500 (cash only) to get started.

Next, tomorrow night you bring 3 people with you to Billy's house and they each give Billy $500 (cash only). The next night, those 3 each bring 3 new people to Billy's house and those 9 new folks each give Billy $500 (cash only).

The next night is the one you've been waiting for. The 9 new folks each bring 3 more new people to YOUR house and those 27 new people each give YOU $500 (cash only). You've made $13,500 in just FOUR DAYS!! What could be sweeter than that?


In meetings all over the world MLM leaders have painted the perfect-world picture in full color magic marker ink on whiteboards. They typically show you sponsoring 5 who each sponsor 5 who each sponsor 5 who each sponsor 5 and BINGO! You now have 780 excited people in your downline. One more level and the number grows to 3,905 people, all earning you money every month! It's called "exponential growth".

Of course, they usually disclaim the whole concept with "your results may vary."

MAY vary??? Get real.

It doesn't happen. Here's why.

BASIC TRUTH #2 - "Exponential Growth" for most MLMers only exists in fantasy land.

Simple math says you will need to recruit about 100 to get the first 5 recruiters that you need. Then they'll have to recruit 100 each (for a total of 500) to get their 5 successful recruiters, and so it goes.

And this does not factor in how many people you'd have to actually talk to in order to recruit 100. It's usually about 10 to 1 for a good recruiter. Talk to 1000, recruit 100 to get 5 who will duplicate.

Do you know anyone who is that committed? How many MLMers do you know who have recruited 100 people? Most people struggle to recruit one or two.

And they tell YOU to make a list of your friends and family.

No wonder the 95% have failed so miserably at achieving financial success.

The 95% failure rate makes real duplication impossible, not just in a perfect world, but in the real world. And without real duplication there is no chance of building long-term residual income. Sure, you can sell products at retail and make a few bucks, but without duplication you can forget about the serious money.


Yes. And it's already working like a charm in an industry that, like MLM, depends on successful duplication. An industry where, depending on which segment you study, the success rate is 70% to 95%!

Imagine how successful you could be if 70% to 95% of the people in your organization were successful. You would have a perpetual money machine that did not depend on your constant hard work just to keep it going.


In 1954 a man named Ray was 52 years old. He mortgaged his house and invested his life savings to buy the exclusive rights to distribute a machine that could mix 5 milkshakes at one time. He dreamed of wealth.

Ray heard about a hamburger stand in California that was running 8 of these machines. He headed for San Bernardino to see for himself. If he could find out how they were selling so many milkshakes, perhaps he could share the idea with other restaurants and sell a lot of mixers.


Ray had never seen so many people served so quickly when he pulled up to take a look. Seizing the day, he pitched the idea of opening up several restaurants to the brothers who owned the restaurant, convinced that he could sell eight of his Multimixers to each and every one.

The rest is history! By 1963 more than 1 billion hamburgers had been sold, a statistic that was displayed on a neon sign in front of each restaurant.

Ray Kroc, building on a restaurant management system developed by the McDonald Brothers, revolutionized the restaurant industry. He did it by refining operations into easily replicable processes.

Can you begin to see the picture?

Instead of simply supplying franchisees with milk-shake formula and ice cream, Kroc sold his new partners a SYSTEM.

This was how McDonald's created a chain where a store in Delaware and a store in Nevada could serve burgers of the exact same size and quality, each with the same number of pickle slices and the same-size dollops of mustard and ketchup, each on a similar tray alongside potatoes deep-fried for the exact same length of time.

It defied all traditional logic.

McDonald's, now a worldwide icon, is operated almost entirely by teenagers, working at near minimum wages, who know NOTHING about the restaurant business! Yet the success rate for these hamburger factories is virtually 100%! The McDonald's SYSTEM creates that success and it is completely independent of the skills or abilities of the employees.


Leave that unfinished Big Mac and medium fries on the table beside the latest MLM "fax blast du jour" you've just been reading.

Climb aboard the magic time machine and let's set the dial to 1954. Lights flash and the calendar pages flip backward faster and faster! 1999, 1988, 1977, 1966...then it begins to slow and as it stops on 1954 you hear a giant whoooosshh! Suddenly, you find yourself in the front seat of Ray Kroc's car heading for California!

Forget that Ray would probably be somewhat surprised to find that he suddenly has a passenger. As you begin to chat with him, he talks excitedly about his ideas. He pulls the car into a service station for gas.

Now, lets tinker with history a bit.

The service station attendant is wearing a paper badge, pinned to his uniform shirt, that says "Ask me how you can become a millionaire!" Taking the bait, Ray says "How can I become a millionaire?"

The attendant mutters something about a meeting where some people had sold him $500 worth of products. He explains that it has something to do with finding others who will invest $500 and recruit a few more people. The company had recently started in Chicago.

Ray pays the young man $3.12 (remember that this is 1954) and drives on. Now, here's your chance! You carefully guide the conversation to the subject of multi-level marketing and share a bit of your futuristic insight with Ray.

You tell him that this new industry called multi-level marketing would create thousands of millionaires in spite of a 95% failure rate.

He seems fascinated and fires question after question. Suddenly, in mid-sentence, you feel that familiar vibration starting and you are back in the time machine. You feel the surge. A cloud of smoke surrounds it as the door opens and you step out, safely back in your own century!


The fax-blast you were reading is gone! So are the Big Mac and fries! As you glance around the room you see that EVERYTHING is different. The home you lived in before your journey to the past is completely different. It has been replaced by a much larger, elegantly appointed MANSION with all of the trappings of wealth and comfort.

The furniture is expensive, the walls are adorned with fine art. A glance out the window reveals an expansive, well manicured lawn surrounding a private lake. You shiver in disbelief.

Can this be real?


if Ray Kroc had applied his genius to the MLM industry instead of the hamburger business? What if Ray's "systemization" process had been applied to MLM so that, instead of a 95% failure rate, MLMers enjoyed a 70% to 95% SUCCESS RATE.

What if your success did not depend on human ability, but was designed so that even a teenager could make it work. Or Aunt Sally. Or cousin Ben.

You see, McDonald's system does not teach kids to cook french fries. It teaches them to push a button, twist a dial, drop a basket and listen for a bell. Almost ANYONE can be taught the steps. And the steps create the same fries in Pella, Iowa as they create in Bossier City, Louisiana!

Same tools, same ingredients, same steps - SAME RESULTS.

It is the ultimate example of duplication. Even the system itself has been cloned many times by other companies like KFC, Burger King, and Taco Bell, all with similar results.

KFC sells chicken, not burgers. Taco Bell sells burritos, not chicken. Burger King cooks burgers a completely different way. The stores look different. The recipes and uniforms and advertising are different. But they all achieve successful duplication because they all depend on inflexible, EXACT METHODS of doing things.


1. They provide consistent value to their customers.

2. Everything they do is clearly defined in their Operations Manual.

3. Their success does not depend on the level of skill of the workers.

MLM hasn't done too badly on the first 2 points, but it has failed miserably on number 3. MLM's success has always depended on the recruiting, selling and closing skills of the workers. Most MLMers simply do not have those skills.


But you can learn from it and use what you learn to change the FUTURE.

If you are going to achieve the kind of duplication that leads to real success then you're going to have to have a METHOD that does not depend on the level of skill of the workers.

Just as McDonald's system enables teenagers, most of whom have never touched a cook stove, to produce billions and billions of burgers, you need a method that enables Aunt Sally and cousin Ben, who've never seen a commission check, to produce a sales team.

In fact, included in that 95% failure rate are a lot of really talented people - doctors, lawyers, engineers and many other professionals - struggling to make MLM work.


Like it or not, a lot of the "ordinary" people who became wealthy from MLM, if the truth be known, simply got lucky. Once. You've probably known of someone who made big money with a company that, for whatever reason, went out of business.

For several years thereafter, he or she bounces from company to company, bragging about his or her glory days, before finally vanishing from the scene, all credibility gone. Even the few SUCCESSFUL ones can seldom duplicate their success a second time.

Barring a major stroke of luck, your success depends entirely on people being able to recruit. Ordinary people, 95% of them, can't recruit.

Short of an entirely new approach, a U-turn, a METHOD that lets ordinary people succeed by doing simple tasks that they CAN do, you will NOT SUCCEED. Your business will fail. It is mathematically unavoidable.

If recruiting is the "fly in the ointment" then you've got to find a method that eliminates recruiting. Anything else is simply sliding the same tiles around the same old broken puzzle. It won't help.

Think about it. Ray Kroc knew that teenagers could not orchestrate advertising campaigns, do food and paper costing, process payroll or analyze profit spreadsheets. He did not give them tasks that they couldn't do. He taught them to flip burgers, drop fries and smile at customers (well, some of them).


Unfortunately, no. Not MLM as you've always known it.

As long as MLM requires Aunt Sally, cousin Ben, or even your local chiropractor to recruit and close it can only continue to produce that fatal 95% failure rate. If the weakest person in your group can't recruit, then your hope for success is gone.

Across all companies, compensation plans, and products with all the hype, recruiting systems and hoopla, it all comes down to recruiting and closing. And real people can't.

MLM must be replaced with EXACT METHOD MARKETING, a total U-turn for MLM that allows ordinary, even below average people to build successful businesses. Without closing. Without recruiting.

Over the next few days your eyes will be opened. You'll begin to see the light. You might want to have your sunglasses handy!


1. Exponential growth only happens in fantasy land.

2. The Ray Kroc business model allowed teenagers with no particular marketable skills to produce and sell billions and billions of burgers.

3. MLM has failed for 95% of all people because it requires them to do things for which they have no particular skill or interest. Like recruiting and closing.


Tomorrow' lesson begins to build a whole new way of thinking. You'll be introduced to a few of the foundational concepts of EXACT METHOD MARKETING. Prepare to be blown away!

P.S. I almost forgot! The time travel story returned you to a world where Ray Kroc had abandoned the humble hamburger and focused the rest of his life on developing duplicatable systems for MLM. Where would you be today if you had connected with a company with that kind of method in place, say, 5 years ago. The mansion. The private lake. Get it?


Postby getta » Fri Oct 01, 2004 10:09 pm


Or should the public give it a break?

In surveys conducted across the country, most people, those who were not involved with MLM when asked, believed MLM to be a pyramid scheme. A scam. A con game.


Because most of those surveyed have either lost money themselves in MLM or known someone who has.

Think about it.

How many people do you know who are REALLY living well because of MLM? Not "how many stories have you heard" about people doing well. How many RICH MLMers homes, purchased with money they earned from MLM, have you actually been in? How many have you followed to the bank as they actually cashed those "5 figure" checks?

Success leaves clues and so does failure. Continue to follow the EMM SUCCESS trail. Everything you need for REAL success is revealed in this course.



It's called OPD, Obnoxious Personality Disorder.

The symptoms are easy to recognize. A loud or grating or whining speech pattern. An insistent, sleeve-tugging, unrelenting demand to be noticed. Persistent refusal to listen to anyone else. An annoying pattern of changing the subject.

And, unlike some other personality syndromes, the sufferers are not the people who HAVE the disorder. They are the people who must be AROUND the ones with the disorder!

You've probably known some of them.

The phone rings just as Rick begins to enjoy a quiet family dinner.

Rick: "Hello."

(It's Joe. Oh, NO!)

Rick: "Hi, Joe. May I call you back...we've just sat down..."

Joe (interrupts): "Rick, this will only take a second, and you won't believe who I've got on the phone with me...Billy Hypeman! Look, he's sorry for what happened in the last deal, BUT...this is the ONE! This thing is HOT! You've got to hear this. Go ahead Billy"

Rick: "But I'm trying..."

Billy (interrupts): "You've gotta hear this Rick. This one can make us a fortune. Joe and I are excited! We've found the mother lode! We've got other people on Joe's list but we decided to call you first. You know what that means. You can go front level to Joe!"

Rick: "Yeah. I know. That's exactly what you told me last time. I don't have any more money to throw at a ..."

Rick's Wife (background): "Hang up the phone Rick. Dinner's getting cold."

Joe (interrupts): "Hey, listen. This one just started. I'm only six levels from Billy Hypeman and I thought of you first. I can put you right on my front line!"

Rick: "Joe, my dinner's getting..."

Joe: "It will only cost you $400 to join and just think, with the super, double-barrel one-line comp plan you could make thousands before the charge shows up on your credit card."

Rick: ""

Joe: "This will only take a minute. What's your Social Security number?"

Rick: "CLICK" (Hanging up on Joe)

And, as Rick returns to his cold dinner and frustrated family, the phone begins ringing again.


Is it any wonder that a lot of people cross the street when they see an MLMer coming.

Seth Godin, author of the excellent book PERMISSION MARKETING refers to this unpopular, irritating technique as "Interruption Marketing".

Joe's loud, inconsiderate, intrusive approach, delivered without regard to your feelings and oblivious to what you're doing at the time, resulted in you hanging up the phone in anger and resentment.

Some MLMers, that ever-present 5%, can close sales in spite of the anger and resentment. The rest can't. Like Joe, they seldom actually complete a presentation, let alone close the sale.


When you think about it, nearly all forms of traditional advertising and promotion qualify as "Interruption Marketing". Let's explore that concept.

According to Godin, Americans are bombarded with something like 3,000 advertising messages every day, on average. Most of them are simply ignored.

So how do these advertisers get your attention? They try everything from packages that shout "Buy Me" from the shelf to selling with sex.

How do you respond? You try even harder to shut out the intrusion. It's a vicious circle that keeps getting larger. And most MLMers are still trying to build their businesses with the same old tired, irritating methods.

Read the Business Opportunity ads in any major newspaper. Long ago they promised "an honest opportunity with good upline support". When that stopped working they began promising "easy work and quick wealth". That turned into "instant wealth and we do most of the work for you". Now it's "massive wealth with NO work".

Soon, if the pattern continues you may see ads that promise "$1,000 TRANSFERRED TO YOUR ACCOUNT WHEN YOU SIGN UP FOR FREE!"

Yet, no matter how loud they shout, no matter how outrageous the promises, the 95% failure rate remains. These marketing methods are a big part of the reason.


Do the senders of junk mail ask if they can send it to you?

Do the advertisers on TV ask if they may interrupt the show you are watching?

Do the telemarketers that call your home have your consent?

Do bulk email advertisers ask if they can send you their SPAM messages?

If you didn't ask for it, then it's Interruption Marketing.


Did your MLM Prospect ask for you to call and pitch them?

The simple truth is this. If your prospect did not specifically request your information, then you are using Interruption Marketing.


When Obnoxious Joe interrupted Rick's dinner he stole his most precious possession - his time. He didn't ask. He just TOOK. Rick's resentment was completely justified.

So what is the natural reaction to interruption marketing? The urge to get away. And as the target withdraws the advertiser shouts louder. The louder he shouts, the more the prospect tries to escape. It becomes a battle of wills!

Marketing consultant Faith Popcorn (her last name chosen because Plotkin was harder to remember) predicted in 1991, in her now famous POPCORN REPORT, that a trend she called "cocooning" would develop.

She saw a future in which people would retreat to the relative safety of their homes to escape the harsh realities of the world. They would rent movies to avoid the commercials and use voice mail to avoid unwanted phone calls. Her predictions were right on target.

How does this affect MLMers who are taught to make a list of their family and friends? They become just another voice crying in the wilderness. Another interruption. Another irritation. Is it any wonder that MLMers complain about being members of the NFL?

If your prospects did not ASK for your marketing message or your presentation then you are using Interruption Marketing. End of story.


Self-help gurus have preached the doctrine of enthusiasm for centuries. If you believe in yourself and your message then your enthusiasm will be contagious and irresistible. Oh, really?


Enthusiasm is wonderful. So is belief. So is self-confidence. But enthusiastically and confidently bullying people with your pitch will not get you what you want.

If you believe that people will join your MLM deal just because you are enthusiastic and excited then you are destined for some rude awakenings. It's not about you.

Here's the bottom line. Most of the people you know are not prospects. Most of them are not interested in starting a business.

That brings up the really important question. How can you build a business if most of the people you know are not prospects and the rest of the world has withdrawn into their cocoons?

Simple. You build a business using EXACT METHOD MARKETING that does not depend on calling people out of the blue, recruiting, friends and family, enthusiasm or hyped-up advertising.


1. MLM works for about 5% of the participants.

2. Companies, compensation plans, products, recruiting systems, and hype have been shuffled into every possible configuration for the past fifty years. They have all resulted in a 95% failure rate across the board.

3. The Ray Kroc business model allowed teenagers with no particular marketable skills to produce and sell billions and billions of burgers. At the same time, MLM has failed for 95% of all people because it requires them to do things for which they have no particular skill or interest. Like recruiting and closing.

4. Typical MLM advertising is Interruption Marketing. It actually CONTRIBUTES to the 95% failure rate instead of reducing it!

So. Is it ALL bad news?

Napoleon Hill wrote "In every adversity, there is a seed of an equal or greater benefit".

Like the Phoenix rising from the ashes, EXACT METHOD MARKETING is emerging from the ruins of a failed MLM industry. With it, it is bringing the light of truth and renewed hope to thousands of good and honest people who want and deserve a real chance in life.

Now that you've seen what's wrong, starting tomorrow you'll come face to face with an entirely new way of thinking. A guiltless new way of creating success where everyone has a real chance and no one, ever again, will have a reason to cross the street when they see you coming.

In case you're a little depressed by the 95% failure rate, don't let it get you down. Remember, "the truth shall set you free". You won't be left with a failed system. The next 3 days may be the most eye-opening experience of your life. Don't miss a word of it!


Postby getta » Fri Oct 01, 2004 10:11 pm


Can you imagine technology standing still since 1950. There would be no color TV, no cell phones, and no Internet.

Yet MLM seems to be standing still, not quite ready to accept the reality that it's TIME FOR CHANGE!


Changing products will not make everyday people better at selling. Changing compensation plans will not make better salespeople. Changing the "double barrel four line triple pay comp plan", when 500 people sign up, to a "reverse double hump four line triple pay backwards", and promising that "there's no sponsoring requirements", will not make people better at selling.


Remember, success leaves clues, Duplication by EVERYONE is the only real key. The kind of duplication that's shown in the MLM examples, 2 who sponsor 2 etc. Perfect duplication is always shown to illustrate the power of MLM compensation plans. THAT KIND OF DUPLICATION WOULD MAKE YOU RICH!

The duplicable method that ANYONE can do is in this course!


Lessons 1 through 4 have thoroughly exposed the fatal flaws in the way MLM works (or DOESN'T work) for most reps. But those are not the only challenges that must be overcome if the 95% failure rate is to be overturned.


According to historic records, the first company to enter the MLM business was California Vitamins, back in the early 1940s. At that time they were the only business that incorporated a sales and compensation plan with different levels. Hence the term "multi-level."

Each person had the opportunity to build his or her own sales organization, with the company providing products and paying commission checks.


Since there weren't any laws governing Multi-level Marketing at the time (remember, it was still in its infancy), other companies soon jumped on the bandwagon, some legitimate, others not so clean. The term "pyramid scam" was born.

The first legal crackdown on Multi-level Marketing started in 1975. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) attacked the industry with what is known today as the "Pyramid Laws."

MLM survived the legal challenge but a strange "Catch-22" came out of the new regulations.

* Companies WITHOUT a solid retail product flow were now illegal.

* Companies that DID have a legitimate product now had to depend on their reps to sell that product to non-reps AND recruit new reps.

MLM gradually became "network marketing", partly to try and shed the negative image caused by the media coverage of the court battles, creating catch phrases like "sponsor up" (which means sponsoring people who are more influential than you are).

The "network" concept has made things even worse. Few people have very much influence over family and friends when it comes to starting a business. And worse, almost no one can sponsor UP!

MLM companies now walk a thin line between maintaining legally required sales quotas and continuing to recruit new reps, 95% of whom cannot sell to anyone at all, especially their friends and family.

In recent years a significant number of companies, unable to strike that delicate balance, have been closed down by regulators, leaving hundreds of thousands of reps holding an empty bag.

Countless other companies have fallen by the wayside because of the sheer impossibility of succeeding when almost all of their reps were failing.


1. Recruiting is required if duplication is to happen, but 95% of all MLM reps cannot recruit. Family and friends will not join until the rep is making money. The rep can't make money until people join. Yet another Catch-22! None of the existing recruiting "systems" have helped because they still require someone to close the sale.

2. MLM hype has gotten more and more outrageous while fewer and fewer people are willing to believe it.

3. Internet marketing courses offer a variety of ways to generate leads but STILL require people who can't sell to make the close.

4. For 50 years the combinations of company, compensation plan, recruiting system, hype and product have been shuffled into an endless variety of arrangements. None have improved the success rate.

5. MLMers are using increasingly outrageous "interruption marketing" techniques, trying to out scream the competition, and ignoring the wants and needs of their prospects. Most non-MLMers, unfortunately, view MLMers as obnoxious and inconsiderate.

6. BESIDES ALL OF THAT...many of the companies themselves struggle to survive in an increasingly hostile marketplace while walking a legal tightrope.





Take a deep breath. Throw some water in your face. Get a fresh cup of coffee or a cool beverage and come back in five minutes.


(This moment of silence is in memory of MLM. May it rest in peace.)

**************************************** EXACT METHOD MARKETING ****************************************

Now that you know how MLM is broken, you know what has to happen in order for its promises to be fulfilled.

1. Recruiting must be eliminated.

2. Hype must be eliminated.

3. Marketing methods that require closing must be eliminated.

4. Shuffling companies, compensation plans, and products must be eliminated.

5. Obnoxious interruption marketing must be eliminated.

6. Legally risky companies and a hostile business environment must be eliminated.

The rest of today's lesson is probably the most important part of the course so far. It may take more than one reading before you begin to get it.

You are about to learn about a fully integrated, perfectly synchronized marketing method that absolutely ACES these 6 components.

It reduces growing a business to simple tasks that can be easily mastered by almost anyone WITHOUT requiring them to do things that take skills they do not possess.


EMM was created by a master computer programmer with years of experience as the owner of a multi-level marketing company. Prior to that he spent several years creating system software for the fast food industry.

First, EMM combines the distribution and compensation model of MLM with the task-oriented systemization of the fast food model. Then it integrates this hybrid child with the power and magic of automated Internet marketing.

The result is a business that offers the "geometric progression" potential of MLM in a "push-button" simple format that can easily be operated by Aunt Sally, cousin Ben, your local chiropractor, the weakest person on your team, and YOU.


No problem. In fact, who wouldn't be?

Before you're exposed to the mechanics of EMM, think for a moment about how humans interact with each other in the real world.


Billy has decided he wants to get married.

The only problem is that he doesn't have a BRIDE!

Billy checks the paper and learns there will be a dance at the singles club Saturday night. Saturday morning he's up early. He visits the barber and the department store. Sporting a new suit and shoes, a clean shave and fresh-smelling cologne, Billy heads for the dance.

Across the dance floor, Billy spots the most beautiful girl he's ever seen. Her name tag says "Julie". Billy makes his way across the room, sits down in the chair next to her and, taking her hand, says, "Hi, Julie. I'm Billy. Will you marry me?"


Guess what. Didn't work. In fact, before the dance ended Billy asked every girl who was there. Not a single one of them said YES!

Not surprised are you? Of course not.

First of all, the girls did not know who Billy was. Even though he was wearing a name tag, they didn't know his personality, whether he had a job, his background, or whether they would even LIKE the guy.

Marry him? Get real!

That would be the ultimate in interruption marketing. Julie did not ASK for a marriage proposal!

On the other hand, how many times have you heard a new MLMer complain, "I told my neighbors, my family and everyone at work about it and nobody wanted to do it."

Of course not! He's asking them to "marry" his opportunity that they know absolutely NOTHING about. And they probably did not have the slightest bit of interest in going into business. At least Billy had a "target audience" even though HE was off target.


Same guy, same scenario, same beautiful girl.

Billy makes his way across the room, sits down in the chair next to her and, taking her hand, says, "Hi, Julie. I'm Billy. Would you like to dance?"


Totally different reaction. A quick glance tells Julie that here is a handsome young man, well groomed and polite. He's asking her if she would like to do the VERY THING that she came there to do.

She smiles at Billy and replies, "Yes."

This time Billy's approach was NOT interruption marketing, since, by coming to the dance, Julie had already given her consent for Billy to ask her to dance.

Now, the truth is that if Billy continued to ask every girl that he met to marry him, sooner or later he would probably find one who would say yes. A blind hog finds an acorn now and then if he roots around enough. Of course, she might not be an ideal wife, and since they wouldn't even KNOW each other the chances for the success of the marriage would be slim.

There's a much better way to "recruit" a marriage prospect. It's called DATING!

The sequence goes like this:

1) Meet each other.

2) Get acquainted.

3) Go to dinner and a movie. Talk to each other.

4) Do mutually enjoyable, fun things together.

5) Get to know each other's friends.

6) Get to know each other's families.

7) Get engaged.

8) "Tie the knot."

9) Live happily ever after (the payoff).

Of course, during the entire process, either Billy or Julie ALWAYS has the option of deciding it isn't working. At that point he or she can simply "opt out" of the relationship and the marriage will never happen. In fact, even after the marriage, either of the partners can "opt out" through divorce.

In MLM, however, the sequence has always been a bit different.

1) Recruit (get married).

2) Get paid.

3) Train (very little, in most cases).

4) Watch the recruit fail (the divorce).


If a system doesn't work for most people then the chances are good that it will not work for you either. Exact Method Marketing is based on common sense and logic. It is founded on real world principles that work the same way every time. Grammy winner David Houston said, "A hit song doesn't care who sings it."

W. Clement Stone built Combined Insurance Companies of America with thousands of agents selling millions of low cost accident policies. Every new agent spends two weeks in training during which he or she MEMORIZES a 2 minute sales presentation. Word for word. Every gesture, every smile, even when to force eye contact and when to direct the prospect's eyes to the policy, is rehearsed until it is EXACTLY the same for every trainee.

Guess what. It works. People who have never sold anything in their lives leave the training and sell dozens of policies their first week in the field.

EMM's challenge was to develop a method that would WORK for most people. One that could be easily replicated and, like the hit song, would not care who sang it. It needed to go a step further, however, to make it work WITHOUT selling.


1) Target marketing. Find prospects who are LOOKING for what you have and do it without interruption marketing and without personal contact.

2) Give the prospects FREE training and a comprehensive non-threatening chance to "get to know you" so they can decide if there is a "match".

3) Provide everything that the prospects need, in a fully automated, friendly environment, so that they will choose to recruit THEMSELVES without anyone persuading them.

4) Automatically manage and support the new members of your group and guide them into reproducing the process, thereby creating predictable and consistent duplication.

You'll get under the hood of EMM and see how it works without any NEED for persuasion, explaining, begging, selling or closing. In fact, most of your group will consist of people that you have never even spoken to, unless you or they just want to get acquainted AFTER they join you.

Just as the dating process moves gradually from "meet each other" to "live happily ever after", you'll see how EMM handles the "courtship" in the proper sequence, AUTOMATICALLY, like your own robotic stand-in.

Get ready for some fun. You're going to find out how it works!

P.S. If you're still feeling a little sad about the demise of old-school MLM, think about this. Without the lessons that were learned from MLM none of the incredible things you are about to learn would have ever come into existence. The king is dead. Long live the king!


Postby getta » Fri Oct 01, 2004 11:33 pm


Real success does not come from hype or high pressure or gimmicks. It
comes from duplication.

Phrases like "get in FAST", "get in FIRST", or gimmicks like "this
Internet movie is creating explosive growth, so get in before everybody
else does", are GAMES without predictable outcomes!

Wendy's, the old fashioned hamburger stand, has a SYSTEM with
predictable results. You see, their hamburger patties are SQUARE. They're not
square SOME of the time. They're not square only if Billy Hypeman is
making Wendy's burgers. They're ALWAYS square!

You do not have to be first in line to get a square hamburger at
Wendy's. You don't have to get in FAST in order to get a square one before
everyone else.

Wendy's has a duplicable system that makes square hamburgers. It does
not matter who is making the burger, or when you go and pick one up.
It's always square!


Real duplication has made organizations like McDonald's, Wendy's, UPS,
Supercuts, and many others highly successful. TRUE duplication is the
key to success for YOU as well!

You are very close to finding true duplication.


Jim, the Game Warden, lived next door to Johnny, an avid fisherman.

Every morning, while Jim was having his first cup of coffee, out his
window he would see Johnny drive into his driveway, boat in tow,
returning from an early morning fishing trip. And every morning Jim would watch
Johnny unload four ice chests FILLED with fish!

Finally, one morning Jim's curiosity got the better of him and he
stepped outside and spoke to his neighbor.

"Hi, Johnny. You know, I think you catch more fish than anyone I've
ever known. Tell me your secret."

"I'll do better than that, Jim", Johnny said, "If you'll be here at 4
A.M. tomorrow you can go with me and I'll SHOW you."

The next morning Jim was standing beside Johnny's boat at 4 A.M. and
they drove to the nearby lake. Johnny steered the boat to a shallow cove
and stopped the motor. Reaching under the seat of the boat, he
retrieved a stick of dynamite. Lighting the fuse, he tossed the dynamite into
the lake.


The shock wave rocked the boat. Almost immediately, dozens of fish
floated to the surface all around the boat. Johnny paddled in a small
circle, netting the fish and dropping them into an ice chest.

Jim's mouth dropped open in utter disbelief!

"Johnny", he said, "I can't believe my eyes. You KNOW I'm a game
warden! Now I'll have to arrest you!"

Johnny reached under the seat and retrieved another stick of dynamite.
Lighting the fuse, he quickly shoved it into Jim's HAND!

"Now," Johnny asked, "are we gonna sit here talking or are you gonna


The dictionary defines EXACT:

"Characterized by strict adherence to standards or rules."

The dictionary defines METHOD:

"A means or manner of procedure, especially a regular and systematic
way of accomplishing something."

Once the procedure is defined and organized into a simple series of
exact steps, you can't skip around or try to reinvent the wheel.

The beauty of Exact Method Marketing is that, if its procedures are
followed by ANYONE, the results will always be the same. At McDonald's,
Susie's french fries are not better than Jack's french fries. They both
use the same METHOD and they both get the same RESULTS.

The only difference, when using an exact method, will be quantity, not
quality. If Susie repeats the french fry procedures more often, then
she'll wind up with MORE french fries than Jack. But the french fries
will taste the same.

BASIC TRUTH #3 - You don't go fly fishing in a bathtub.

If you want to find fish, you go where fish live. Fish live in rivers,
lakes, streams and oceans. You may ocassionally find a goldfish or two
swimming in a bathtub while their owner changes the water in their
bowl, but she will likely not appreciate you hooking them.

If you want to find people who are looking for an income opportunity
you don't go to the corner grocery store or the online romance chat room.
Opportunity seekers hang out in identifiable, predictable venues.

You can get their PERMISSION to communicate with them by simply asking.
By identifying themselves as opportunity seekers, they have already
said that is OK for you to ask for permission. Asking, under those
conditions, is not "interruption marketing." They ASKED to be asked.


EMM has reduced the human factor to ONE simple process. Just as the
McDonald's employee learns to push a button, twist a dial, drop a basket
and listen for a bell, Exact Method Marketers learn to do a series of
simple tasks.

In a nutshell, EMM marketers are taught how to place pre-written,
professional ad copy in TARGETED advertising venues on the Internet or in
TARGETED traditional media. THAT'S IT!

Instead of cranking out french fries, however, the EMM process
automatically responds to the email addresses of people who are ASKING you to
communicate with them. From that point the human factor becomes a
non-factor! The system takes over and does what automated systems


Websites do not recruit. Even the best ones. Websites explain, promote
and build an image, but try to find a single person that was "referred"
to a website that actually went there, browsed around a while and then
signed up in an MLM opportunity.

Even though the MLM industry has promoted the "just send them to your
website and let the site do the recruiting" idea, it simply doesn't
happen. Websites presenting traditional MLM programs cannot close the sale.

What is the result? Most people KNOW that even if they refer people to
the website they will still, at some point, have to close the sale. So
after they send the prospect to the site, the process is usually
derailed anyway, since they can't close the sale.

(End of Sacred Cow Terminator #6.)

And another thing...


In the past 50 years MLM companies and leaders have spent many millions
of dollars cranking out thousands of tons of training books, audio and
video tapes, magazines and newsletters. MLMers have spent even more
millions traveling to seminars, weekend retreats and training courses.

Through it all, the 95% failure rate has not moved an inch.

The plain truth is that, with VERY rare exceptions, by the time a
person reaches adulthood his basic personality and belief system is a fixed
attribute. Most people do not see themselves in a sales role. They are
timid, unsure of themselves and uncomfortable asking someone to spend

No matter how much "head knowledge" you impart to these non-sales
types, you will seldom succeed in changing who they are or how they view
themselves and the world.

They may be able to spout all of the right "objection stoppers" and
explain the "silent close" technique, but put them in front of a real
prospect and most will fall apart.

(End of Sacred Cow Terminator #7.)


There has to be a better way.

With Exact Method Marketing the non-sales type is completely relieved
of the responsibility of selling. Face it. Recruiting IS selling.

The EMM approach is to provide a simple system whereby the weakest,
most timid souls in your organization are not expected to do ANYTHING that
they cannot do.

Using an exact set of easily duplicated tasks, everyone's focus is the
same. Use targeted advertising (NO SELLING) to generate email addresses
of people who WANT an opportunity.

Then the completely automated system takes over. Aunt Sally and cousin
Ben and your local chiropractor and the weakest member of your team and
YOU will never have the responsibility of closing a sale.

It's like having your own personal high-tech robot who builds your
business FOR you. Just point him in the right direction and watch him


Simple can't. Remember, Exact Method Marketing is based on
common sense and logic. It is also based on the certain knowledge that
people are fully capable of making an informed decision once they have
the facts.

Ask yourself this question. If you see A PRODUCT OR SERVICE that you
might want and you have the means to get it, which of these would you
prefer: Examine the product or service for yourself and decide whether to
proceed with the purchase, OR, have a sales person forcing the product
or service down your throat?

A robot can't recruit any better than most people can recruit. What a
robot CAN do, however is stand in for you in the process of delivering
the information ABOUT your opportunity. Then it will step aside and let

Exact Method Marketing is so complete that it's as easy to start as
deciding to do it!

Just as you will have a thorough understanding of the EMM process by
the time you finish this 7 day course, so will your email prospects.

Buying decisions are usually made over a period of time. This course,
for example, creates awareness. Its frequent contact develops
familiarity. Familiarity establishes trust. That TRUST is what leads to
prospects making an informed decision and closing THEMSELVES.

Will everyone join you? Maybe...and maybe not. Is ANY one thing ever a
perfect fit for everyone? EMM is designed to fully exploit the power of
geometric progression with VERY small starting numbers.


Since prospects are going to have to recruit themselves if they want to
join you, you can shift your entire focus to finding prospects.
Remember Julie and Jack? Want to make more french fries? Do the french fry
procedures more often. Want to grow your business faster? Do the email
generating system more often. It's that simple.

Once your new members have made the decision to join, they will be
shown, again by the automated SYSTEM, how to begin the duplication process.
Without selling. Without recruiting. Just by pushing the right buttons.
The same buttons that brought them to you.


Once your new self-recruited teammates have experienced the power of
Exact Method Marketing for themselves, they will be allowed (remember
that it's ALWAYS about permission and choice) to take advantage of more
and greater opportunities and income streams. No hype or pressure. Just
logic and common sense based on increasing levels of trust, earned
through experience.

Any attempt by an individual to "talk a prospect into" doing something
would be "off system". The EMM process does not need help to do its
job. If you had to step in and help then it would not be duplicatable.

As those in your group elect to advance to higher earning levels, you
can choose to advance to higher earning levels. For the first time,
decades of hype notwithstanding, real people, including you, have a real
chance to earn REAL long-term residual income.


The very fact that you have not opted out of this course before today,
Day 6, is living proof that these concepts have held your attention and
kept you reading. All you had to do to get it started was send an email
requesting the course. You got the email link from someone who is
already practicing what these lessons are preaching! EMM WORKS!

You see, it's far better to communicate effectively and logically with
10 people who WANT to hear from you than to shout interruptions at
thousands of people who are trying to escape from you.

EMM simply changes the rules so that everyone who plays has a real
chance to win.

Follow the EMM procedures to the letter and you can make perfect french
fries or build a successful business. Without recruiting. Without
selling. Period.

P.S. The game warden in the opening story learned a valuable lesson. He
was faced with a choice. Finding himself with a stick of dynamite in
his hand it was rather easy to decide that his former way of thinking was
no longer valid. Is it possible that you are recognizing that you are
now holding dynamite in YOUR hand?


Postby Menace » Mon Nov 08, 2004 12:03 am

Submitting to FFA links has no benefits & may harm your rankings, submitting to FFA link pages is seach engine spam & you also recieve alot of spam for being stupid enough to submit to them....


Postby Menace » Mon Nov 08, 2004 9:25 pm

Not entirely true..Most , so how would they consider it spam! Most FFA pages accept about 1000 URL's and when new ones come in, old ones get dropped from the bottom. If you use FFA, don't use your main email adress, setup a temp email address at Yahoo or Hotmail to keep out the junk.

People submit to FFA links pages for backlinks & if as you say "FFA pages hardly keep your link long enough for search engines to even spider it" then what is the point? your hardly going to get decent traffic from a FFA links page even if real people see your link :roll:


Postby Guest » Sat Dec 11, 2004 12:33 am

Edgar wrote:
I will get a lot of spam/junk email.
Is this true???

Yes, it's true that you will receive a lot of junk mail. I would recommend that you use an alternate email address such as a hotmail or yahoo account.

Has anyone tried submitexpress paid service?

I have never tried the paid service but from what I have heard it's well worth it.

I create an alias to my real email address when I submit.. Then after the process is done I delete the alias..

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