Why are you like Google?

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Post by forceclosed »

Hello True,

Sorry to say this is not reasonable question.
i also love google.
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Post by foryourlawyer »

I too love google.
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Post by betty »

First of all, Google is the great innovator and it has nice services. The output from google is so accurate that i haven't seen in other search engines. Google is really the leader of all search engines.

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Post by cecille20 »

I like Google because I love their services. And since they are the no.1 SE, I'm getting a good traffic with my handled websites.

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Post by dylan55 »

All I want to say is; I found all I want in the best search engine which is Google.

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Post by cftc »

Because Google is the best search engine ever all over the World and we can explore anythinG easily by using all Google services...
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Post by rayter »

I love Google because of Adsense. It's my source of online income. I earn money without doing anything. How awesome is that?

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Post by Nikitadose »

As a user , I find relevant information on Google
As a website owner, I find traffic to my sites from Google.
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Post by VladTepes »

Google is user-oriented and they are keep growing, improving and developing more useful and awesome applications for internet users.
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The reason about choosing google

Post by gina222114 »

Because it is free, we need not pay for the ranking. And it is easier for us to get the PR if we follow google's rule.

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Post by popo256 »

I love Google because, it has unique and different algorithm than other search engines.
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Post by chauhan »

I love Google because my whole business is on that and I am also earning a lot from by Google's services.
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Post by Borou »

Aside from loving Gmail archiving, it's great being able to see all my related conversations on a topic automatically linked. I don't always need this, but when I do, it's a savior.

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Post by freedomone »

I love Google, because it is fast and accurate. Google also gives me the results I wanted.
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Post by Organs »

Google is an amazing company, only founded for a few years but changed the world.

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