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Post by quadra »

There is nothing you cannot do by hand that a SEO software can do. Just add some keywords to your title tag, meta tags and page content and try to get as many links as you can with link exhange, directory submisions, purchasing text link ads, forum/blog/guestbook postings, etc.

There are also mane online free tools that will help. Check the webmaster tools here at submit express.

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Post by harrysmith »

I would suggest you not to go behind any adds or any product telling you “ Get number one position in just 2 days or so… ” All you have to know is that you have to work hard for getting top don’t buy any SEO software, IMO most of them are fake.

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Post by neilb »

i would reccomend the plug in for firefox - SEO Quake. Its really useful and free. When you are researching your key words it really speeds things up by showing you in the serps each sites pr, back links, age etc.

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Post by qualsoft »

Ya, SeoQuake is a good software for SEO. It allows user to view a large number of SE parameters on the fly. SeoQuake for Mozilla Firefox consists of three functional parts: SeoToolbar- requested parameters are shown in a separate toolbar in the browser, Seobar- requested parameters are shown in a separate, fully customizable with CSS, HTML block and output of requested parameters on Search Engine Result Pages.

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Post by core8284 »

try IBP - Internet Business Promoter software

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Post by bluesky »

One of the greatest softwares you can find offered on tens of websites is the meta tag analyzer tool which would easily show you the percentage of the terms being used on the pages.

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Post by nichita2008 »

core8284 wrote:try IBP - Internet Business Promoter software
I tryed IBP and I win some positions in SERPs but the software is not very accurate in this moment. Maybe in the future.

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There are tons of SEO tools out there which you can use to make your job so much easier. Start with these plug-ins:

* SearchStatus
* Seoquake
* LinkChecker

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Post by bbrittany »

Do manually don't use any software.

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Post by los_angeles_sales_trainin »

There is no such software, if there is, people won't be charging so much money by hiring them to do seo for your site.

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Post by andrewsmith »

I think it's better to do SEO manually, you can use Excel to organise the task more efficiently. that's the best way!

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Post by core8284 »

try IBP - Internet Business

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Post by KrazyG »

IBP is quite a good software as well as WebCEO... ;)

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Post by idolfanforum »

Basic SEO is straightforward. Do your onpage optimization re title, H1 tags, bolding and italicizing, keyword density etc. Offpage stuff involves getting backlinks, preferably from high PR sites relevant to your niche. Forum posting is good too, as is article submission

Plenty of advice on this forum too

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