What does Google Sandbox mean?

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What does Google Sandbox mean?

Post by A7 »

Hi, does any one has info about Google Sandbox? What does it mean?

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Post by viradian »

Google sandbox refers to an aging filter which Google puts new sites through. Your site will not show up in the search engine results pages for Google until you earn trust from them.

The sandbox can last anywhere from 6-12 months. It varies for every site. Some people think the sandbox does not exist, some people think it does. Who knows...

All I know is, its been about 9 months that I have been indexed in Google and do not find my site listed for keywords that I get the top spot in Yahoo for...so, who knows...

Joseph James
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Post by Joseph James »

I believe that sandbox does exist. I know sites having just 3 pages and no backliks having PR4 just because they are 6 years or so old.

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Post by smilemaker »

Acording to google old is gold, thats y some sites have pr4 or more than that

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Post by A7 »

I think google sand box does exist.

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Post by imgtube »

the sandbox is just a myth

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Post by neilb »

The sandbox is not a myth, it just gets blown out of proportion a little until it sound like it should be a myth.

As far as i am aware, Google introduced the 'sandbox' effect to help combat people creating 'throw away' spam sites. When a site is new Google wont index it right away because they want to see if it will be a maintained and updated.

Some people say it takes min 6 months to a year to get out of the sandbox, but If you work hard on your new site generating good content and links it can be out much quicker.

I also think that when people say it takes longer to get out of the sandbox for more competitive terms, they may be mistaken. It is possible you are getting out of the sandbox in the normal amount of time, but it takes longer to perform well for those searches because they are highly competitive.

I thought I would pop on and have a quick moan about the sandbox effect because I was talking with a client this morning who has a new site, and they wanted to know how long it would take to get listed in Google. http://www.newcarkingdom.co.uk

All said and done, things would be easier without the sandox effect, but I can see why its there.

Steve m
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Post by Steve m »

I never know why I never get affected by this alleged sandbox effect, does Google say hi its Steve fill in the sandpit.

I have had sites listed in 2 weeks normal and 2 hours blog, I can understand why professional SEO companies say it exists, its an easy excuse to explain to their customers why there fee's have brought no rewards.

Most of my sites have no incoming links or maybe just 1 or 2 at most, according to all the information on this site I would stand little chance of getting indexed, but I do.

The only thing in my opinion that makes any difference is lots of information on each page and regular use of the keywords and lots of internal links.

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Google Sandbox

Post by stewartrose »

The Sandbox does exisit but for a special reason, the problem ocures when the news puts out a story, which is going to run for a little while lets say a month, you get people that builds a website quckly, with the aim to get visitors quickly, then when the story has ended they dump the domain..
NOT very fair for those that work hard building a website and building it by the book to have some one jump ahead of the game, so Google puts restrictions on a new website to stop this from happening, so if you play the game and build your website slowly adding pages and adding relevant links you will not notice the sandbox.
All the best from Alan

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I have seen no evidence that the sandbox exists

Post by aconstas1 »

I put up my site one month ago. Let me stress the fact that I read A LOT of SEO stuff before making it. Everything from link building to meta tags to everything else. I tried to put good, original content on my main pages and good keyword density on that page. I then manually submitted my site to about 300 directories. I get accepted to about 3 a day. I then posted all over lots of other forums with my site in my signature. I submit a new XML sitemap to Google on a weekly basis, usually on Saturday because they seem to crawl my site every Sunday. I got my homepage indexed within a week. Within two weeks, all my pages were indexed. Within a month, I am already seeing SERP results that surprized me. Im in top 100 for many heavily contested SERPS that i didnt even think i could contend for. If you follow all the rules, and work hard, I dont think you get "sandboxed". I sure haven't yet, and hope not to. So far, i think its a term made up by those who dont like their SERP rankings. Perhaps they dont want to do the work that it takes to move up in Google.

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Post by 80smusic »

I've had 2 sites and within a week they have appeared in google's search results for their name. I've never had any problems with the sandbox

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Re: What does Google Sandbox mean?

Post by racheljohn »

If a site is sent to the sand box by Google may be because it is new or that it is participating in large-scale link building, what is the time frame, you must allow out of the box through the site? Most search engine marketing has been discussed and analyzed this to say 6-8 months. As for myself, I do not really think that Google is sending a new web site "sandbox", but they may be selected using some form of aging.

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Re: What does Google Sandbox mean?

Post by laptop786 »

The Sandbox is a name given to an observation about the way Google ranks web pages in its index.

According to the sandbox effect, Google temporarily reduces the page rank of new domains, placing them into what is referred to as its "sandbox", in an effort to counter the ways that search engine optimizers attempt to manipulate Google's page ranking by creating lots of inbound links to a new web site from other web sites that they own. Some SEO experts also claim that the sandbox only applies to highly competitive or broad keyword phrases, and can be counteracted by targeting narrow, or so-called long-tail phrases.

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Re: What does Google Sandbox mean?

Post by James77 »


Google Sandbox Effect is a theory to explain why the newly-registered domains or domains with the change of ownership often misclassified in Google Search Engine results pages (SERPS). In other words, the new sites are placed in a sandbox or a waiting room and have their research notes on hold until they can prove himself worthy of the classification.

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