Less Traffic With Higher Rank In Google...

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Less Traffic With Higher Rank In Google...

Post by sanbir123 »

My website is now receiving way less traffic than it did when it was lower on google.
When my site was 7-10th on google i was getting about 300-500 views a day, now when im second for my main keyword, im hardly getting 200.
What could be a reason for this? do people just skip the first few sites?

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Post by madness222 »

Your link building is not enough, I think you still need to be on the first page of google to gain again your previous traffic...
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Post by cecille20 »

Maybe their looking for another options and sometimes it really depends on their data center. :) But sounds weird. :roll:

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Post by corporateseo »

Try to change title to interesting one. might give you better CTR?

Tex design Studio
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Post by Tex design Studio »

You probably need to check your keyword and see how effective it is. Also, many people are starting to look pass the first couple and skip right to other pages. my site did the same thing when i was rank way past page 10 and had many visitors. most of them dont want the first page because of price value.

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Post by Thizzle »

Am I reading this correctly?

you recieved more traffic ranking 7-10 in a search than when you are second? That makes no sense at all...

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Post by aaronwilliams123456 »

If I were you I would change the title for a better click-through rate. While you were getting traffic in the tenth spot the other top ten results probably improved their title better then yours. The other thing you have to ask yourself, Is the search term a seasonal keyword? Maybe there's less searches overall because of the season. Good luck.

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Post by franky123 »

Hello friend,
There may be several reasons of your problem. First thing is, how much your keyword is effective means people are searching information by putting that keyword or not. Second, your competitors might be using strong SEO techniques. Third thing is which search engine is your priority means country extension.

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Post by VladTepes »

If you have those traffic statistics tool like Google Analytic, that should explain things. GA have reports that you could analyze where your traffic came from, keywords used to see your site and many other reports.
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Post by freedomone »

If you get a high PR that doesn't mean that will get traffic and rank high on search engines. PR is just a reputation bar.
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Post by Menzess »

First check in Google Analytic that the keywords for which the current traffic are coming.If it's from your main keywords then it's quite sure that your SERP for other keywords is not on first page of search engine.

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Post by rayter »

Did you happen to change your target keywords or title tags? That could be the cause of the sudden decrease in your site traffic.

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