How to block invalid clicks

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How to block invalid clicks

Post by vabxxx007 »

Dear All,

I have a serious problem, as you all might be aware of google adsense programme. This programme deactivates the account if your account generates invalid clicks.

So kindly if any one knows to block these invalid clicks plz help me out also, as how to block invalid clicks.

Thankx & Regards

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Post by eyecandy »

There is no way you can do that! You may want to try and change the content of your page which might result in serving of more relevant ads.
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Post by 1SCROLLNET »

unfortunatly no way

Even Google itself cannot control

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Post by albert »

There is no such a way u can do that.........

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Post by web67 »

just keep a track of ur clicks and inform them if u suspect any invalid clicks before they find it them self
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Post by amoona »

You just don't click the ads yourself. That's OK, even your CTR is 50%.
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Post by guinanie »

If you suspect that invalid clicks may have resulted from a visitor to your site, we suggest that you review your site's logs for any suspicious activity and notify us with your findings . This information can help us in resolving any issues, although as outlined in our Terms and Conditions, Google will use its sole discretion when determining instances of invalid clicks.

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How to protect your adsense from invalid clicks

Post by quickregister »

There is a way to minimize invalid clicks to your Adsense account. There is a script called asrep which monitors adsense on your site in a very detailed manner. It also has a fraud prevention system. You can put some php code on your site which will cause your adsense ads NOT to show if for example someone had visited your site 10 times in the last hour and/or they had clicked more than 3 times on an adsense ad. It works. You can modify the variables to whatever you want. You can specify alternate ads to show when the Adsense ads do not show. The instructions are written in techy terms. I had to bug the develloper to give me some clear instructions but in the end it really works. Costs $50.

This got me wondering. Why doesn't Adsense just build this in? Some guy wrote a script which practically eliminates click fraud for $50. Adsense cannot just build this in to their system? They could guarantee their advertisers fraud free ads and peace of mind for publishers.

Well of course they would lose millions of dollars because they make so much money from false clicks. Easier just to disable publisher accounts and keep all the money. Adsense needs some competition big time.

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Post by guruananth »

You can change the ads frequently that is only the solution for this.

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Post by »

Thanks for solution.
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Post by meanmachine29 »

You can stop them!!! its easy, just buy my book on stop.......
No im joking, track the visits to you site, the one who is clicking you the most ban there ip! easy.oh sorry I should do the math for the Diy Seo, if your Adsence is being clicked say 100 times, there will be a visitor to your site for the same ish, even if they change the ip the system and timeing is trackable. See google web master tools and also email them, Seo Go to the rescue again!
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Post by Jrafique »

You can not stop these clicks. But google says that you should inform them about these clicks so that you account don't ban. And important thing is to save all of your correspondence with google it will be of great worth in appeal if later you account get banned.

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Re: How to block invalid clicks

Post by forball100 »

no way dear..:(

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Re: How to block invalid clicks

Post by abuzar »

same situation here,, my ex-adsense account also disabeled by such act, even i didnt know how it did?? can any one help me to reinstane my account?? reply soon!

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