Increase my sites PR

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Increase my sites PR

Post by IntegratedS »

Hi ,

I want to increase my sites PR, its PR is 0 from few months and I am continue working on link building and directories , But The PR is not increasing. Please give me suggestion.

Thanks in advance..
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Link Popularity

Post by paul_davenport »

Build more quality links form high pr pages...your PR will defiantly get increase through this method...

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Post by Blake »

I guess you should be more patient and wait a bit. Moreover, be careful when you try to get backlinks - they should be do follow.

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Post by Wishbone »

While building with quality links, update with good contents for your site, too. Contents also add up to the importance of your site too.
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Post by khai »

update your content every day and build backlinks

Christina K
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Post by Christina K »

You may just be a victim of not having a Google Toolbar update that includes your site yet. It is supposed to update quarterly and if your site is newer than 4 months it won't yet show a PR. If you have been consistently backlinking you have PR. You can do next to nothing and get a PR1.
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Post by joelietz »

Try building content worthy of links and worthy of bloggers and peoples attention. It's a much more proactive way of attracting links. If your content is really funny or really useful within a certain niche you might try to submit it to some social bookmarking sites or provide social bookmarking buttons on your content.

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Here are the best Tips to Increase your PageRank

Post by jijosunny »

1. Do Link exchange with Blogs having More PageRank than you
2. Do Social Bookmarking in Dofollow Social Bookmarking sites
3. Try Dofollow blog commenting
4. Join High Pr forums and post useful threads/posts. Later, keep your link in the signature.
5. Join Social networking sites and link to your blog from the profile. LinkedIn allows dofollow link.
6. Make a Good Internal Linking in your Blog. It'll help you in sharing pagerank which can result in the High rankings of all your posts.

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Post by delnd »

Get link back from the good PR blogs,and hey!did you optimised the loading speed?

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Post by Ka-canor »

Building links to a related site is a big help to increase your PR.Good luck.

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Post by seo.doc »

Look for sites which has high page rank and of course relevant to your site then try to get incoming links from this site.
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Increase my sites PR

Post by linkmoko »

If you wanna increase your PR so badly try to create good content and build links form high and PR and good reputation sites.

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Post by amortization »

If you're going that way, then go with article submission sites. These are low profile though, so you might be better off spending time and money elsewhere.

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Post by Dave011 »

best way is link to high PR sites and related sites only.

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Post by stanleyj »

Get back links from blog relevant to your blog and has good PR .
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