How to check Google Backlinks

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How to check Google Backlinks

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Here is how you can find out in google which websites have a link to your website.In the search box of google enter the following command

Note-replace with ur website name


Is an "href" link considered a back link by google

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Is an "href" link considered a back link by google

When I create a link in frontpage it creates it as an href link. Example:

<a href="">Alabama Law

Do I need to change these? and if so, any recommendation on how?

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Nope, you don't need to change that.

That's the correct html code for a hyperlink.
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another way is:


I rather say

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Only Link popularity : "domain-name"
Link popularity with high PR : link:domain-name


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This works on google, yahoo, and msn:
Link:yourdomain (shows backlinks)
Site:yourdomain (shows indexed pages)


backlinks checker&link popularity checker

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It is well-known that backlinks are a very effective way to increase your rank in search engines. But you need a tool to control the status of the links. Do they still point to your website, what anchor text do these backlinks have and so on. Of course, you can check the status of the inbound and reciprocal links yourself, by hand. But it is a huge time-saver to use backlinks checker instead.
Collected data is displayed in a simple and handy tree-like form. All the info can be exported into a XLS, HTML, DOC file for further, more detailed analysis. You can handle several URLs, submit your target keywords to see linking sites with these keywords in anchor text and so on.
If you need check link popularity in major search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN) use link popularity.

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I think that the best way to check the Google backlinks is actually from Yahoo! Google never shows all the backlinks that it has to your domain, it only shows a very small portion of them. It's best to go to Yahoo, and use this query:

linkdomain:www.whatever .com -domain:www.whatever .com

You'll get a much better picture of your IBLs, and easily assume that Google has indexed, at least, the same IBLs.

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people say don't check Google since they don't show you the full amount, only a sample...check Yahoo instead 8) for keyword and internet marketing tools

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I just installed that 'Search Status' for Firefox, and used it to compare our competitors sites to ours.

One thing has me puzzled tho.... Looking at the stats, I see that their page rank is just way higher than ours, and I think it's mainly because of the backlinks. (they kill us in that department)

But what i don't get is, when i look at the keyword density on THEIR sites... some of them have literally 0%.

Are backlinks far more important than keywords? I would think that if they had a better structure of keywords, then yeah... they'd kill me.... but NONE at all?!?!?!

Whats the deal there?


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I've heard that Google only show pages with a PR of 4 or higher that links to you

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Easy way of Check back link in google

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This is very easy to find back link in google:

Write this line in google search tool bar:

Thank you
Warm regards

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for MSN , Altavista , Yahoo , Google
Link popularity - Link to the site.....
may use link: domain name or link%3A or linkdomain%3A
Site popularity - From the site
may use site: domain name or site%3A
Term popularity - Contain the term
may use " domain name " or %22

..for reference :: simple tools for domain-name use.... :roll:
PageRank Prediction Free

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