why is my website not listed on google

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Post by viradian »

Not sure when you submitted your site, but sometimes it takes awhile...It took months for Google to index my site...in the meantime, I suggest you exchange links and it will help Google find and index you...

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Post by AfricanMango1 »

Only way to speed it up is getting inbound links from popular sites. Try doing a directory submission

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Re: why is my website not listed on google

Post by guinanie »

Get more backlinks for the site. And maybe for sandbox, if it is new you need to wait for at least a months.
yoauto wrote:I have submitted my website ,but i can not see the listing on google ,why?

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Google indexing

Post by peterko »

It takes some time for a new site to get indexed by Google.

In the meanwhile I would suggest to help the spider, for better ranking, work on your site optimization. Take a look at your source code: <title>, it has only "YoAuto.co.uk". Make it more descriptive by adding some relevant keywords. The same with your deascription meta tag. It has only "UK Cars,UK Auto". If that's the only what you want that's OK, but usually that meta tag has to be more descriptive. "Title" and "description" are very important for SERP. Talking about keywords, you even didn't put "keywords" meta tag in your source code. No matter they are currently ignored by Google, they still valid for many other search engines.

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Post by manmachine »

Try the site i'am using now http://freewebsubmission.com/ always get indexed by google in like 3-4 days max 8)

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Post by aconstas1 »

be patient, build links.

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Post by vietnamimpressive »

right, be patent, do the title according to the content of each page and never use ONE title only for ALL pages

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Post by VladTepes »

aconstas1 wrote:be patient, build links.
and keep reading for some SEO right tips you can use to promote and monitor your site activities! :D
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Post by tomtomov »

Here are some tips to build links:

Go to forums and blogs and post relevant posts with links.
Go to directories submit there.
Look for people to make link exchange.

there are other possibilities but this are the easiest.

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Indexing in google

Post by Sonal »

For website indexing by the google , you have to submit your website in directories and also do more link building.

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Post by aira »

do link building with quality sites to get listed faster than usual..

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Post by Ka-canor »

first try to get more quality link to get indexed by Google.

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first try to get more quality link to get indexed by Google.

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