Why I am still PR0 even tough I have some links

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Why I am still PR0 even tough I have some links

Post by tculig »

I've had my site up for almost two months now. It's already been listed and typing "culig" in google will find it as the fourth result.
But since then I've submitted it to various directories and it now has links pointing to it. These links are now almost a month old.
http://www.hr/wwwhr/business/home/airco ... ex.en.html
The seventh site on that page.

But when I check my google rank with google-bar, and check backward links, it shows none! See for yourself : www.culig.hr

Why is this so? Is it the infamous Sandbox at work, or is there something else at work here?

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Post by manmachine »

don't think its any problem with the sandbox syndrome. just apply to some more directories and give away some additional time :)

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Post by tculig »

I hope you're right. The webpage is for my dad's firm, and he's expecting results...

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Post by PhotoGaz »

It took us six months to geta page rank within Google, even now we have only managed to get a 2 PR for our home page!!!!
seeing the whole image!

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Post by aconstas1 »

if you're only a month old, don't sweat it. Unless you've launched a massive one month Link Building campaign, you're just gonna have to be patient for the PR to come and for the links to show up.

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Post by AfricanMango1 »

Next PR update will come shortly. Wait and see... anyway, if your domain is new you'll struggle getting some rankings. Domain age is an important factor on SEO

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Post by 80smusic »

Just becuase your site doesn't have a page rank doesn't mean it is page rank 0. Because google only update what you see as the PR a few times a year, the number will only change then. However if you have lots of links to your site, the PR will be changing on google's server side (just not shown to you yet).

Hope that helps

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Your home page PR is 2

Post by jaidip_ishir »

I believe, your concern is solved. The site's Home page is showing a PR of 2. You ought to await the PR update of Google, which happens quarterly and is going on now.
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Post by www.tradeco.co.uk »

Dunno if it's of any use, but might a english version of your pages help? It would at least give more conent.

Just a thought

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Post by ben_tambling »

its not a short process... wait for 6 mos. to show your great results....

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