Session Id and SEO?

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Re: Session Id and SEO?

Post by prenoust »

When you do SEO for your ecommerce site, you must include internal contextual link in it. Do not use session IDs in URLs. You must create the product of the RSS and let your customers to labeling their own products.


Re: Session Id and SEO?

Post by infoman66 »

Set sesion id in the database instead of the link and everything will be fine...
Google values only text links - everything after special marks like ?, & etc. are not considered...

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Re: Session Id and SEO?

Post by VladTepes »

Learn how to redirect and convert dynamic URLs into static URL and giving good internal linking going to correct URL will surely help on indexing and caching your site's inner pages.
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Re: Session Id and SEO?

Post by sandy116 »

webmedia wrote:what is the effect of session id on search engine result?

I have tow pages one with session id which in not getting cache by Google and one without session id which has cached.

cache: ... f5348b15fd

cache: ... c-150.html

What should i do?
Session id has query string which not understandable by the search engine spiders when these symbols appear ? and _ Google spider stop indexing the web pages. This kind of URL called the dynamic URL, so from the SEO point of view this is very difficult to get ranking very easily into the SERPs. ... c-150.html

your above URL is static URL and if you are going to optimize the website then use this URL.

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Re: Session Id and SEO?

Post by cfoo »

session id is one of google's tracking method.

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Re: Session Id and SEO?

Post by probafix »

Session ids are long parameter you often see at the end of query URL. They are most common on shopping cards and they indicate a session is being tracked via the URL.
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Re: Session Id and SEO?

Post by himansu »

Its very useful information for me thanks you sir

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Re: Session Id and SEO?

Post by Trand1970 »

Manual submission is best for blog submission and it's gives you additional benefits.

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