Yahoo vs. Google

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Yahoo vs. Google

Post by MikkoJ »

I prefer Google for simple reason - I have always use it, after Alt Vista in the 90s. I have tried Yahoo few times,
but it has few things compering to Google which i don't like:

- No maps, local searching is more informative in Google
- Search results are better with Google, at least in Finnish

Have to say that Yahoo looks lot better though.

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Re: Yahoo vs. Google

Post by IT Staffing »

When it comes to search something Google is far better than Yahoo. I prefer only Google.

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Re: Yahoo vs. Google

Post by rusty_theron11 »

Google is better then Yahoo and it is one of the best search engine. Google results are better then Yahoo and its new features are very good.

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Re: Yahoo vs. Google

Post by bardmirna »

I will go for google because there are many people using this search engine. The more people using it, the more the chances of your site to be viewed by a lot of people. Google also is a user-friendly search engine int eh web today. Yahoo is a far second to them.

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Re: Yahoo vs. Google

Post by fivdim »

Once the search, Google offers a litany of final results, from highest to lowest importance. There are nine attempts Bing functionality giving users instant it closer to other research specific to the researcher as the most relevant.

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Re: Yahoo vs. Google

Post by janebush08 »

Yahoo is merging with Bing... Hope to come near Google's standards two year down the line...

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Re: Yahoo vs. Google

Post by Abhinandangarg »

off course google is best from many reason the most great thing is their fastest and relevant result

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Re: Yahoo vs. Google

Post by anilkumarsoppnox »

i like google when compared to yahoo because it has lot of advance application which is user friendly

Marina June
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Re: Yahoo vs. Google

Post by Marina June »

yahoo vs google
in my point it is all depend different people. we all have own need and taste
i have yahoo mail even if Google is more widely. on the other side i alway use google to check website.
i like both of them
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Re: Yahoo vs. Google

Post by zel218 »

I actually use both search engine. There are some things that Yahoo has that Google doesn't have. Like groups, ym, etc. Those are the things I am used to doing with Yahoo. I prefer Google on the other hand because of Gmail and Maps. It's easier to use those features with Google.

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Re: Yahoo vs. Google

Post by bbboy484 »

For me I put 1 vote for google. I think google is the best search engine. Their result is useful. And their search have more feature then yahoo.
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Re: Yahoo vs. Google

Post by jamie123 »

Google is the best.

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Re: PK

Post by prsee »

Of course is Google

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Re: Yahoo vs. Google

Post by bobkerry »

Google is ofcourse best as compare to yahoo. Google gives you the best result as compare to other search engines whereas others are also working well.

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Re: Yahoo vs. Google

Post by nchrist »

Just like others are saying, this question has been roaming around forums, and I also have a solid answer. My vote goes to google. It gives more accurate and fast results than any other search engines.

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