Give Top 5 SEO stratagies...

For discussion of general Search Engine Optimization, not specific to any engine.
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Give Top 5 SEO stratagies...

Post by athelnstone »

Give Top 5 SEO stratagies...

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Re: Give Top 5 SEO stratagies...

Post by milmankept »

1. Write good content
2. Keyword Optimization: Learn to Think Like the Searcher
3. Use your keywords wisely
4. Submitting to Local Guides
5. Keep abreast of the latest SEO news

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Re: Give Top 5 SEO stratagies...

Post by sachitravelcostarica »

1. The Title Tag: Target your seed keywords in your title tags.
Many people fail to place their keywords in their title tags - in fact, this is the biggest optimization mistake. You don't have to put all your keywords in every page's title, just put in the ones that are relevant to that specific page. Also make sure to keep your page title within 60-70 char(With spaces).
On your main (home) page, focus on the core/seed keywords that reflect the overall theme of your site.

2. Internal Linking Structure: Link to all of your subpages/inner pages from the home page.
There may be times when this seems impractical but there are usually unobtrusive ways to do it. By having links to all of your sub-pages you provide the means by which a search engine can find the various pages on your site whenever they visit your "home" page.
Ideally the spider should be able to access every page on your site by clicking on a series of links. And, the fewer clicks the better because search engines score page relevance from top to bottom - the deeper a page is found within a site the less relevant the search engine considers it to be. In addition, some engines will not spider more than a few levels deep.

3. Use keywords while pointing a link: Be sure that keywords are being used in the text links that are pointing to pages within your site.
If your site is about cameras, make sure when you post a link to your site from some other web site that the word cameras appears in the text of the hyperlink that is pointing to your site.
A correct example would look something like...

4. More & More Pages: The more pages the better.
Just like fishing, the more hooks you have in the water the better your chances of catching something. Same deal with search engine optimization. The more pages you have on your website, the better chance you'll have of hitting those ever changing "correct" formulas for keyword density, keyword combos, and so on.
Of course, your pages should contain quality information so the visitor doesn't just click back to the search engine when he or she arrives. Fast click-backs are noticed by many engines and can work against you. In such cases the engine figures the visitor didn't find what they were looking for so your page must not have been relevant to their search.
One way to fit the bill is to create a new page of content every week. Chances are likely that there will be some aspect related to one of your products or services about which you can write a special report or a feature article. Perhaps you'll do a weekly Q&A where you explain the benefits and features of what you do in greater detail.

5. Reliable Web Hosting: Use a good, reliable web hosting service.
There is no substitute for a hosting service that is dependable and one that assigns a unique IP address to every domain.Remember, if your host goes down when a spider comes visiting you'll likely get knocked out of the index. Quality hosting services are a must in the same way that an appropriate physical location in a brick-n-mortar operation is essential.Many people make the mistake of attempting clever "tricks" while ignoring the basics. That is foolish. It's possible that a site can score at the top using only the basics. However, "tricks" alone will never help you achieve top scores without first integrating those basics.


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Re: Give Top 5 SEO stratagies...

Post by telltimmy »

Good Onpage SEO
Article submission
Blog commenting
Squidoo lens
Forum posting

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Re: Give Top 5 SEO stratagies...

Post by vstrategy »

1.Your best on page optimization.
2.keyword research for each webpage.
3.Making a blog for the site.
4.Link Building/ off page optimization.
5.Maintain the sites ranking if it has a rank to a search engine.

Then you can continue to Web marketing.
Good luck.
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Re: Give Top 5 SEO stratagies...

Post by cramanjoalist »

1) In SEO, you need to know the keywords that are most commonly searched for your target market.
2) Use images on your site, photos, and make sure you optimize them using a description of the image by adding specific keywords to target markets.
3) Define the content of your site only to provide useful information and if you think you can write your own, then hire a professional to create site content.
4) If you have a website, in particular niche in order to send a directory web site niche or theme.

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Re: Give Top 5 SEO stratagies...

Post by rickyenjohns »

In my own experience, 3 down all traffic channels for the purpose will work:
1. PPC like Google Adwords
2. SEO for organic traffics
3. Ami social bookmarking social media and social networking

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Re: Give Top 5 SEO stratagies...

Post by atop420 »

do-follow quality links and unique user and search engine targeted content

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Re: Give Top 5 SEO stratagies...

Post by safeguardclothing »

the best strategies
* web directory submission
* article submission
* blog directory submission
* Feed submission
* forum posting (through signature)
* press release submission
* Social bookmarking in digg and deals.
* online group posting
* promotional ads
* link exchange

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