Off-page SEO mistakes:

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Re: Off-page SEO mistakes:

Post by keelywindson »

Off-page SEO mistakes are given below.
2.Wrong keyword selection within Anchor tag.
3.Same keyword usage.
4.Submitting link in similar sites.

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Re: Off-page SEO mistakes:

Post by janestewart »


spamming, submitting in mirror sites, wrong keyword selection,unlimited submission in one day for the same keyword. These are the common off page seo mistakes.

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Re: Off-page SEO mistakes:

Post by eric11 »

While Flash or JavaScript websites may look flashy and chic, excluding HTML alternatives will keep your website essentially hidden from the search engines and visitors for two reasons:

1. Not every user across the internet uses an advanced browser.
2. Many search crawlers cannot read links from Flash or JavaScript.

Your website should be developed with the ability to be viewed by any user. Flash and JavaScript can add pizzazz to a website, but at the cost of potentially losing customers. Your menu scripts should contain html alternatives so that browsers without the ability to translate Flash or JavaScript are able to allow the user to navigate through the site.


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Re: Off-page SEO mistakes:

Post by milessedi »

If We submit our links more on subject to our sites then We can generate more backlinks , traffic on our sites. But We have to prevent our sites from such..

- Spamming
- Not to Chose competitive keyword
- Prevent sites from penalty

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Re: Off-page SEO mistakes:

Post by Abhinandangarg »

choosing irrelevant keywords
targeting wrong inner pages
low relevancy of keywords

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Re: Off-page SEO mistakes:

Post by creative management »

keyword stuff in contents

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Re: Off-page SEO mistakes:

Post by lnsel »

These are common mistakes in off page. But does "spam" really have any definition? What is spam to me may not be spam to you. Right! Any way don't put wrong and irrelevant KW or don't overstuff KW in your site. Try to keep it under 2%. Rather don't write content for Search engine write it for visitors.

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