Value of Yahoo Directory Listed website with PR 4??

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Value of Yahoo Directory Listed website with PR 4??

Post by hcl_23 »


I am planning to buy a website. The site is PR 4 and is listed in Yahoo directory. What should be the maximum amount that I need to pay?

Please advise.


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Post by nErVada »

There is definitely a value in having a domain that is included in the yahoo directory, since it is pay for inclusion. I am not sure if they will remove it if you do not keep paying.

As far as the value, I think that it ups it a bit, but nothing significant, since it can be removed at any time.

I am sure you would get a nice boost from being in there, but for how long?

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Post by mdamin76 »

The PR value may change anytime. Another thing to be considered is the age of the domain.

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Post by rayter »

You should look at the RANKING of that site, not at its pagerank. Domain age and number of backlinks are another factors you need to consider.

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Post by thischarmingmanc »

agreed dont get caught up on PR look at rankings.

also understand backlinks may be removed if the site is sold ?

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Re: Value of Yahoo Directory Listed website with PR 4??

Post by eugene »

I will suggest you to see the profitability of the website also. Page Ranks and SERPs are very perishable in nature. Today you have it, tomorrow it may be gone!

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