Important Tips for Web Hosting

Domain Names are an important part of SEO. Discuss anything domain name related from registration to grabbing expired domains.
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Re: Important Tips for Web Hosting

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Free web hosting service needs to be top notch in providing customer support and help. Check the rating of a service on free hosting directory to choosen wisely.

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Re: Important Tips for Web Hosting

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jerin wrote:Important Tips for Web Hosting

One cannot deny the fact, for a successful online presence a dependable web hosting is must. Online presence and accessibility of a web site is must. If not, one should remain ready to loose clients and prospects. For an instance, if one compare this with a traditional business.


One should select a web hosting deal according to his/her site. One cannot fulfill his/her requirements from same hosting deal for a personal web site, web site meant for email newsletter subscription and archives, e-commerce site or web forum. Web hosting can be divided into four prime categories:

1. Virtual (shared) hosting,

2. Dedicated server,

3. Collocation server and

4. Reseller hosting.
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Re: Important Tips for Web Hosting

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To help determine your hosting needs, some questions you can ask yourself include:

What platform are you using? Is your site powered by WordPress, another platform, or are you building it yourself?

What types of content are you publishing? Will your site be featuring lots of videos and high resolution photos, or will it be mostly text based with the occasional animated gif?

How many visitors are you receiving and what’s the projected growth for the foreseeable future?

Where are the majority of your visitors or target audience based? Do you require servers in a certain location or would geographically distributed hosting be more appropriate?

What additional services do you require? For example email services, managed hosting and offsite backups.

How important is uptime to you? Does your site generate income and how would 98% uptime impact you, compared to 99.99%?

What support channels are required? Is 24/7 phone and live chat required or will out of hours email support suffice.

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Re: Important Tips for Web Hosting

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You must look into these important things before buying a web hosting

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