Your Marketing + My Web 3.0 NFT Project/Development/Artwork

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Your Marketing + My Web 3.0 NFT Project/Development/Artwork

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Our team is looking for a successful experienced NFT project marketer who can help sell out genesis collections. Our project is a web 3.0 integration project with a very solid team and roadmap. Our team will take care of the game development, NFT, smart contracts, artworks, social media, and Discord server community management. The first phase of the roadmap is the release of our OG collection (888 only - nonalgorithmic artwork) that will raise start-up capital for the development of 3 decentralized games and 1 lifestyle app. We can split the returns on this OG collection drop and continue for the next milestone of the project.

Major Roadmap Milestones:

1. Three decentralized gaming platform
2. One lifestyle web 3.0 application

The current status of the project:

- Website is ready
- 888 art pieces are ready
- Smart contract and minting page is already under construction
- Social accounts are now live and active (Instagram/Twitter)
- Fully customized Discord server is up (currently 900 members and counting)
- A fully focused team composed of a community manager, full-stack developer, and artist/project manager.

The team is now only missing you - marketing specialist, come and join the team!

Send me a private message with your previous projects and how we can possibly work together for the project's success.

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Re: Your Marketing + My Web 3.0 NFT Project/Development/Artwork

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This thread is about discussing things related to Search engines. how does this NFT thing relate to the Seach engine?
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