Tips for Getting Listed in Dmoz

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Re: Tips for Getting Listed in Dmoz

Post by Janmagkar »

Hi all

I remember reading on a forum somewhere a suggestion with regard to Dmoz . They said to apply to DMOZ to become an editor and then get your own site approved. Perhaps its worth a shot!

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Re: Tips for Getting Listed in Dmoz

Post by teachmeqb »

Great writeup!
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Re: Tips for Getting Listed in Dmoz

Post by azfar.niyazi »

getting your website properly designed is the best way !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: Tips for Getting Listed in Dmoz

Post by scrapcar »

Iv'e tried a couple of times to list on there,no joy not wasting anymore time on it. there are plenty of other things that can be done with seo.

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Re: Tips for Getting Listed in Dmoz

Post by cashinghub »

Yes, you have addressed the true reason why most blogs does not get approval. I have 3 blogs. one of them has good ranking and more than 250 backlinks. But when i tried to link to Dmoz, it never approved. My site has no contact number other than Email address. i have listed my blog under (Technology/Internet category) on Dmoz, but not yet approved. I am using wordpress free themes and i have 120 posts on my blog. Well, is it the reason ? may be or may not be, who knows here ?

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Re: Tips for Getting Listed in Dmoz

Post by grocerycouponfree »

Dmoz submission is very affective and quality link for our site .

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Re: Tips for Getting Listed in Dmoz

Post by boojo21 »

Just posted my new website to DMOZ last week before I came across some of the useful posting tips, will be interesting to see how long it will take to get listed on dmoz if at all!

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Re: Tips for Getting Listed in Dmoz

Post by labelkits »

thanks for your kindly sharing.

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Re: Tips for Getting Listed in Dmoz

Post by emigrant »

thank you very much for your advices

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Re: Tips for Getting Listed in Dmoz

Post by Branco »

i did it but at the moment my website didn't appear in research of Dmoz
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Re: Tips for Getting Listed in Dmoz

Post by malim »

Dmoz is not so easy as it looks..
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Re: Tips for Getting Listed in Dmoz

Post by nataliediaz123 »

vistadivine wrote:by Akash Kumar, October 2006

Getting listed in Dmoz ( has always been a major concern for those webmasters who know what difference a Dmoz listing can make to their site's search engine positioning. As Dmoz is a free volunteered directory, it requires your site to be the best in your industry, if it is not then make sure to make it.

But many people are not aware of the things that are responsible for getting a listing in Dmoz, there are some dos and don'ts that make your site into Dmoz but what are they? what things you need to follow? and what things are to be avoided? following are few tips which would help you out.

1. Submit your site to a proper category.
Most of the sites submitted to Dmoz are rejected due to having submitted to improper or wrong categories, so you must find out the most relevant category for your site before submitting it to Dmoz. If you are unsure about which category you should submit to then just do a search in Dmoz for the sites similar to yours and note down the category to which they have been submitted to. If you have done this one correctly then you are having the most relevant category for your website. Now just go on and submit to the category you have got.

2. Make sure that your site has original and quality content.
People nowadays are looking for more and more quality content and they get annoyed with the sites having nothing more than a bunch of affiliate links or sales letters. If your site lacks in content then you have no chance of making into the directory as the directories nowadays are looking for the sites which have a strong base of original and quality content, if your site doesn't has sufficient content then make sure to add a few reviews, articles and other additional information about your services and products.

3. Get your web site professionally designed.
If you have done the above two steps properly then your site is already deserving a listing in Dmoz and it adds more to your credibility if your site is professionally designed. You might have seen many unprofessionally designed sites making into Dmoz, so this not really a factor for your inclusion in the directory but as we know that the editors of the Dmoz directory are also human beings so a professionally designed site does make a good impression on them and thus increases your chances for inclusion in Dmoz.

4. Be sure to put your contact information on the web site.
Now just putting an email address is not enough. If you are doing a business you need people to trust you by showing them your physical address, so that they don't think that you are a run away business. Many times the editors reject sites if they don't see any physical contact information on the site, so it is very much necessary for you to put up at least your phone number on your contacts page, also putting your physical address would be much better.

5. Check your site for broken links and spelling errors.
Before submitting your site to the Dmoz directory make sure to check your website for broken links and spelling errors, though the editors are looking for quality but they are also human beings and will be annoyed by lots of errors and clumsily designed sites, so be sure to check and correct the errors if any before you submit your site to Dmoz.

NOTE: please dont use this article any where else without my permission.

Thanks Akash these are relly very good and helpful tips for the beginners

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Post by krobinson »

harish wrote::roll: I obey all the laws and regulation while submitting the site in the Dmoz directory, Then why my site is not added in the Dmoz
Same thing happened with me. I submitted my site to the most relevant category and my site is having PR 3, then to it has not been listed yet in Dmoz, I always check out but I don't know what's wrong.

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Re: Tips for Getting Listed in Dmoz

Post by Monika.v »

Thanks For Sharing such a wonderful information

I will follow all rules

Keep Writing... :D :)

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Re: Tips for Getting Listed in Dmoz

Post by liuyelian »

I agree getting into Dmoz now also needs some luck and some patience.
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