Link Building mistakes

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Link Building mistakes

Post by nihitthakkar »

Top Link Building mistakes to avoid:
1. Thinking That More Is Always Better
2. Forgetting to Break Things Up
3. Bulk Directory Submissions
4. Links Without Context
5. Ignoring Seasonality or Timing
6. Failing to Personalize Your Outreach
7. Not Segmenting Your Outreach List
8. Not Having an Elevator Pitch for Your Content

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Re: Link Building mistakes

Post by soleseriouss »

People focus on quantity over quality. that is the biggest mistake anyone can make in SEO.
Focus on Quality, as google intends to provide quality to the users.
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Re: Link Building mistakes

Post by johnbrown0103 »

There are several mistakes that we do while building links. Here is the list:
1. Buying links.
2. Not taking any action to remove toxic links.
3. Building ONLY dofollow links.
4. Building links from no-index pages or domains.
5. Using optimized anchor text.
6. Getting site-wide links or footer section links.
7. Irrelevant link building.
8. Building links too quickly.
9. Building links on high spammy websites

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Re: Link Building mistakes

Post by DurRiad »

People aslo tend to forget that there isn't "magic formula", "silver bullet" and so on in link bulding.
And they buy useless, shady link bulding services that promise higher ranking.
Link bulding is hard, tedious process - every link which is bild must be indexed as well.

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