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Tips - Reciprocal link Resources

Post by jlvill »

Before make reciprocal link with a partner, you better to watch that;

Use and ask for text reciprocal link;
Don't accept pornography, discrimination, violence or illegal activities website;
The partner website must be completed and indexed by Google;
The page of reciprocal link or link directory must be indexed and reachable by main page;
Search for direct reciprocal links, not redirected links;
The partner website must not use NoFollow attribute;
The partner website must not use NoCache attribute;
The partner website must not use frames/iframes;

When you do link exchange with some website, you didn't loose any pagerank (only you partners).
So is important, no more 50 links on the reciprocal link;
Some links are better than others but all is good.

If you would like to exchange links with me (pr3 website), let me know (mail me) or go to and do it yourself :-)

Please take this code

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put it on your site.

Your welcome :D

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Post by guinanie »

Thanks for the tips. It is important that the reciprocal link is quality link and related to your site.

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Post by jlvill »

guinanie: You're welcome :-)
leftybogs: Link exchange :-)

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link exchanging

Post by Goodlinks »

My site will insure all your suggestions take place. It will also save you hours of time!
Scot King
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Post by Ka-canor »

Before you do link exchange try to read this info. ... swer=66356

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