Search Engines, Forums and Placement?

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Search Engines, Forums and Placement?

Post by clarkhaddock »

I am trying to get my site out on the web and wanted to know if putting your website link in forums like this will help with your placement? If it does is there someway to get into a lot of forums instead of doing it one by one.


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Post by quadra »

Yes posting links in Forums like this helps. However, some forums are not search engine friendly and internal pages do not get indexed. This one appears to be search engine freindly. One way to know is to check search engines first for some of the forum pages to see if they are spidered.

Also, some forums have strict rules on spam and will remove your post pretty quickly if you are just trying to gain link exposure, so you need to be careful on how you post and actually post something useful.

As far as an automated programs, most forums require registration before you can post, so it might be kind of tough to find or write such a program, but you never know these days. I would do search in tthe engines to see if there is such a thing.

I know that there is a lot of blog spam going on these days and people figured out a way to write a script to spam blogs with their links.

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