Non related links to my site do they help??

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Non related links to my site do they help??

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Ok my question is this, I have a forum and i added a links directory and added 8 different catagories for sites, like other topics other then my sites topics. I am and its a sports forum, but i added like an entertainment links area and so on. Does this hurt me? as it does not deal with sports?? and I have an internet section for net sites, and im getting alot of links, should i stop or remove the ones that do not have any meaning to my site? Does this hurt or confuse the search engines and ranking?

PS; does this directory help me on my site, or am i better starting links on the side like on the main page bottom right?

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Non related links to my site do they help??

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It's ok to have back links which are not related to your site category. It's not going to hurt you. But, if you have back links from the sites which are related to your site category, you will able to get maximum results.

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Link with non related site will not hurt your site but. If you want a quality one choose a related site.

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