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Post by giorgoc »

don't know about you guys, but almost two years after using this service i am very happy - saved me lot of time!

My only concern about this is the fact that the pages are dynamically generated (i.e. not static HTML files which are considered better for indexging)

However, according to this (http://googlewebmastercentral.blogspot. ... lines.html) Google announced that they have no problem any more to index URLs with id's and stuff like that!

i believe it's worth trying it! :-)

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Post by fxpro »

It is very,very interesting.. I need links very much. It looks well. You can choose the sites to link. But.. may it be dangerous? Who else tried this?
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Post by easycash81 »

Today u can see index guy is still running and is offering around 3500 backlinks instantly
anyone still using it ?
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