Link exchange methods?

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Link exchange methods?

Post by viradian »

I have always exchanged links with sites and asked them to put my home page as the page I want to have my link pointed to from their site. So, all links point to my home page and as a result, Google only shows my home page in the search results...

Is this what most people do? Does anyone send links to other pages on their site? Do people spread it around and try to get links to all of their pages?

You see, I'd like to get some of my splash pages to show up because they are more optimized for specific homepage just has a ton of stuff on it, and has every keyword represented in some form or another. My home page is not really optimized for any specific keyword, and therefore, never even comes up high, even when Google decides to list it in the results...

Just want someones thoughts who ranks well in Google for their keywords, and how they exchange links...

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Post by Ka-canor »

Try to submit your other page there's no problem with that.


Re: Link exchange methods?

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Post by princess »

i think it depends. because there are sites who have their own page for their link partners.
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Post by stuart888 »

Yes, you want to spread it around. It makes your sight more respected as a whole to the engines. Your subpages should have value, if so, other people should be linking to them based upon their content. Create some good lists, such as, I have lists of boat ramps for each county, with address, map, and details on each ramp. Other people will link to this page, as it has value. But first, you may need to get a few links up on your own, then it should happen naturally, over time.

Take care, Stuart
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Post by mrLenin »

there are a lot of link exange manager resources. But most off them are paid. I tried one and got great result.
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Post by easycash81 »

Now i have started to get links tomy internal pages too

this way i can be sure to get some more traffic and also my page ranks for all the pages will be same
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