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How to have a great website and draw traffic.

Posted: Mon Feb 23, 2009 1:17 pm
by traveler1400

I am reposting something I put in another thread.

Depending on the nature of your site you either want people to click through or stay and read your information. The main goal is once you get some people through the door you want to keep them there.

You have to have good content.

SEO is great, but do your homework.

Treat it like a business. Build up an email list. Do press a press release. Build your links. Remember there are a hundred sites like yours. Make yours unique with good content. Write articles for other sites. Put out a short eBook with your website name on it.

When you are doing a marketing plan here is an idea.

I started fresh with my site. Make a circle for your website name and draw connectors to it from different areas. Develop those areas and your traffic will come up.

Your site is a business. Whether you give the info away for free or want to turn a profit people will only stay and shop your site if it is easy to use and they like what is inside.

Your job is to make your site a place where people will stay longer than 10 seconds. Then longer than a minute and then recurring business.

SEO takes time to build up. Your own marketing efforts will get people to your site.

Join groups, send out polite emails. Exposure is the number one way to get traffic.

I put a great PDF on writing content on my site. Not my own but a fantastic free guide. Go to the members section and click on the free eBook. Once you see the file come up go to file and save as and you will have a copy worth the read.

The PDF is from site sell but the information in is excellent. It will help you write great content.

In the end if your store has a reason for people to stay and shop and a reason to come back you have a better chance to sell something to them.

I have a friend who is a sales master. He made it simple.

Who better to buy from, a person with a sales pitch or a friend? I have seen him with people. He never pushes or gimmicks but he gives every customer what they want.

The above link has so much information in that eBook. It's not my eBook but it is free and some of the best reading I have ever done.

If you have any questions PM me.


Posted: Sun Mar 08, 2009 12:40 am
by DuncanWhite
:lol: What's your friend name and skill?
How can it make simple?

Posted: Sun Mar 08, 2009 6:49 am
by traveler1400
Not a friend but a great free guide to writing good content. ... books.html

Click on the link there and once it opens do a File>save and you can have it locally.

Posted: Mon Mar 23, 2009 10:45 am
by userinsight
Very interesting Jase. Thanks for sharing it, looking forward to read through it and share the love.