Cache is different in Fireox & Internet Explorer

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Cache is different in Fireox & Internet Explorer

Post by shailendra.gatesix »

Hello, Forum members

I have some confusions regarding Google Cache.

I have website
This website is launched on 2nd January. Today i have seen cache of this site in Firefox, then it shows the cache date of 10 Jan & the cache is of our another site (

But when i check cache of this site ( in internet explorer, then it shows the cache date of 8th Jan & here shows that our website is cached.

So i am confused why it showing two differnt cache date in two different Explorers.

Is there is any difference between the Firefox & Internet Explorer

Please help me out

Shailendra Dubey

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Post by shakir »

This is may be yours local issue, better try after deleting IE and Firefox cache.. Or try again i firfox and IE bcz some time for new site Google taking time to update in all datacenters.

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Post by VladTepes »

Also you might be getting different data from different data centers of Google.
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Post by Himanshu »

Ya I also mark many time, I think there is a late update any one either ie or ff. :D

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