CPC or CPM bettre?

For discussion of cost-per-click (CPC) engines, such as Yahoo! and Google Adwords.
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CPC or CPM bettre?

Post by itswillist »

Would you guys think that advertising on CPC or CPM is a better deal ?
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Post by hadiyarobins »

CPC is better.
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Post by AfricanMango1 »

People that still sell CPM is because nobody will click in your add... not a good deal. Anyway, I think that CPM is just good for branding purposes, but otherwise is not cost effective, and the results can´t be measured easily

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Post by bantu271279 »

CPM and CPC both are different cocept all together..For CPC first calculate CTR of your website/Category pages since rate of cost per click is almost 2-3 times higher then CPM and it will pay you on number of clicks generated. To calculate CTR, one can use various click tracker online tools or can track via inhouse programme. At the end if CTR is not able to calculate then enjoy the CPM campaigns but make sure you are regularly increasing your link papularity through SEO/SEM.

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Post by web67 »

both, cpc on top

and cpm on bottom
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Post by tomtomov »

CPM is good for forums, and sites where the traffic comes from returning users, while CPC is better for sites where the traffic comes from search engines.
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Post by simplefriend »

If you will run a campaign on google and choose CPM they will charge you hundreds of bucks with some "empty" sites like myspace :)

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Post by Kolyn_Kryw »

CPM is an uncontrollable nightmare; and text ads rule. The other stuff (radio, print, etc.) is nice to have in the arsenal, but only as add-ons. I think CPC will continue to be the heavy hitter for a while.
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Post by panganibanandre »

Almost always better for a publisher to sell advertising on a CPM basis. That way, regardless of whether or not the user clicks on an ad, the publisher generates money.
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recipe for?
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Post by recipe for? »

As publise I am interestesd in CPM. But as someone who buys advertising CPC is a much better deal. It's easier to track.

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Post by srbhattarai »

CPC is the better one
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Post by saranisa »

Well it depends on site niche I guess. But in overall, CPC is good in my view.
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Post by amoona »

I think it depends on the quality of your traffic. If most of your traffics are targeted traffic from search engine, then CPC is better.
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Post by chathura »

I think better one is CPC. Because from this visitors enter advertisers website.
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