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In bound links

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How much better are ibl than reciprocal? What would be better, 10 reciprocal links or one ibl? Thanks

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Try to get high PR backlinks, no matter whether they are obtain from reciprocal link exchange although, Naturally obtained one way links are best for SEO.
One way IBL should be from related site ie the site should be nearly similar to what is of your’s.
I personally suggest you to have oneway relevant ibl from high PR sites instead of having many reciprocals.

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I agree all links help it's just one ways are a little bit better, it's best to have both as part of your SEO strategy.
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In bound link is a link from a site outside of your site while reciprocal link is a mutual link between two objects, commonly between two websites in order to ensure mutual traffic. Much Better if you have more IBL

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IBLs can be obtained through many processes. and one of those are reciprocal linking.
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just count back link dont worry how they come

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Should I delete outbound links that aren't reciprocated?
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